Chicago Violence Hits The Jewish Community: 24-Year-Old Eliyahu Moskowitz HY”D


The Jewish community of Chicago became victim to the prevalence of crime and violence of the city with the senseless shooting of Eliyahu Moscowitz HY”D.

Eliyahu, a 24-year-old member of Chicago’s Lubavitch community, was fatally shot Simcha’s Torah night while walking along the lakefront bike path located in Loyola Park near Lunt Avenue. He was pronounced dead at the scene. It’s unclear if the shots were aimed at Eliyahu or if he was caught in some kind of crossfire.

Moscowitz worked as a mashgiach at the Jewel-Osco grocery store.

This is the second shooting in the Rogers Park neighborhood in two days. Both shootings came from the same gun and likely the same suspect, Chicago police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said a press conference at the Rogers Park District police station. No one is in custody at this time.

“The shell casings found at both crime scenes were found to be a match.”
Joining Johnson was Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who cautioned residents to be “vigilant.”

“I know firsthand the Rogers Park community is strong, is resilient and is a supportive community,” he said. “We need those core vales and the police department needs those core values at this time. People will go about their daily lives but we want it to be done in a safe way, a smart way and vigilant about their way.”





  1. Bde
    I new the kid from the deli department at Jewel.
    Chicago is the most dangerous place in America. Only the killings are making the news. We have plenty of carjacking, hold ups, assault, graffiti and worse.
    I am afraid that things will get worse.

  2. The liberal administration of the city, in order to retain their lucrative jobs, refuse to antagonize a certain element of the population, which is overwhelmingly responsible for the crime in Chicago. Unless something drastic is done, things will only get worse.

  3. Keep the chaleria out of your neighborhoods – kept them far away. And don’t be afraid to call a spade a spade.
    From Detroit.

  4. he was a good childhood friend of mine. i will never forget him i am greatly sadend by his untimely death. he was one of the few people i could talk to about myself and know he wouldn’t talk to other people about it. how his family can deal with the loss i don’t know my heart goes out to him his family may hashem avenge his blood

  5. It was a nephew they actually just just happened to lose a brother a few years ago around the same age or younger sweetest people

  6. Rahm Emmaneul, I bet if you took a page from Juliani when he was mayor of NYC you would get the murder rate way down. Go for it. We know this comes from G-d, tragic as it is. You need to do your part.

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