Chicago Ends Bloodiest Year in Decades


The city of Chicago ended one of the most violent years in its history over the weekend, with a staggering 762 homicides. Compared to 485 reported homicides in 2015, the outgoing year saw the biggest increase in 60 years.

The homicide death toll for 2016 is not only more than that of New York and Los Angeles combined, but also the highest number Chicago has seen in two decades. As the debate over gun control in the city continues, data released Sunday by the Chicago Police Department showed that 2016 also saw a surge in shootings, with 1,100 more than the previous year.

The new statistics come as authorities seek to combat the spike in violence, with Mayor Rahm Emanuel announcing last year that 1,000 more officers would be added to the force and youth programs would be rolled out to try and deter young men from picking up guns. Read more.


  1. I can’t understand why the victims, who are black, allow a WHITE Mayor to remain in power. Why do they keep voting him in?! Are they happy with the way he is protecting them?! Are they all that stupid?! Why hasn’t Rahm pushed for tougher gun laws? Why doesn’t he ever visit the black communities that are affected the most?! This is totally unacceptable. Emanuel would never last in a normal City with normal people. He would never survive (politically) even in New York. Maybe the cold weather affected their brains.

  2. Lets make more gun laws!!! Oh wait,they already have some of the strictest laws in the nation. Is it really so hard to get that murderers kill, not guns?


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