Chicago Chesed Fund Enables Access to Government Programs


Recognizing the magnitude of government programs and the significant roles they play in the lives of many, the Chicago Chesed Fund embarked on a mission ten years ago to ensure that all qualifying individuals and families seeking government relief would receive the necessary assistance.

“Many people don’t even know these programs exist,” explained Rabbi Yossi Fuerst, COO of the Chicago Chesed Fund, noting that despite their wide popularity, applying for government aid can slip through the cracks as individuals and families are often too occupied with trying to “make it.” He added, “Even if they are aware of these programs, people can be unfamiliar with how they work, including how to register, the benefits provided, and if they qualify. The Chicago Chesed Fund’s goal is to help people navigate the challenges of various government programs.”

The Chicago Chesed Fund assists with a wide range of today’s beneficial government programs that can help relieve some of the financial burden many of Chicago’s Jewish families. Those programs include SNAP, Medicaid, and LIHEAP (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program).

“One of the largest benefits of the Chicago Chesed Fund’s government assistance program is that help with all of our offered programs can be received under one roof,” explained Chani Goldman, Director of Special Projects at Chicago Chesed Fund. “People are very grateful for the opportunity to have everything completed at one time, as opposed to waiting for hours in separate government offices.”

The Chicago Chesed Fund has a decade of experience in guiding Chicago families to receive substantial government funding and maintains close connections to help facilitate the registration process. “Our long-standing relationships with many of the government programs is crucial to our service and have enabled the Chicago Chesed Fund to simplify and expedite assistance to all of our applicants,” said Rabbi Yosef Fuerst.




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