Chicago: Buffalo Grove Eruv Completed and Ready for Use


Chicago’s Buffalo Grove community eruv has been completed and is now available to be used on Shabbos.

After several years of work on the part of community leaders, including Rabbi Mordechai Paretzky, Rabbi Shimon Zehnwirth, Rabbi Eliezer Grunberg, Rabbi Sholom Francis, and many volunteers, workers, laymen and experts, last Shabbos was the first time in a long time that residents of the northwestern Chicago suburb could carry outside of their homes on Shabbos.

With the closure of the last gap in the eruv by Rabbi Paretzky and a quick sechiras reshus – rental of rights – by Rabbi Zehnwirth from Cook County’s Sheriff Dart, the largest eruv in Chicagoland is complete and Rav Shmuel Fuerst of Chicago has declared it kosher and functional.



  1. This new community is beautiful. The yeshivot and Talmud torah are stellar. And now an eruv!! I predict buffalo grove will someday be the New must visit/ live makon torah. Plus it is only 2 hours away from chicago and milwaukee the other booming Jewish metropolitan areas. Housing is inexpensive and taxes are low. A great choice for the newly married and long time married. Chap-a-rein east coaster BG illinois is your place.

    • Where are you from? The eruv was there 10 years ago and the property and the taxes are pathetically high. I lived there for 15 years and finally wized up and left due to taxes.

  2. What is the strong desire to always make an Eruv? Is it the end of the world, if you can’t carry? You can’t turn on a light. You can’t drive a car. You can’t squeeze out a towel. Yet we have all survived for thousands of years. Why is there this obsession davka with Eruv, that we MUST have it?! A little miseras nefesh never killed anyone. Grow up already.

  3. Yes ERUVs are essential in communities. Yes, maybe communities in Eretz Yisroel have had eruvs from the beginning of time. Yes, family enjoy ones shabbos by going to visit, go to shul, parks & participate in Simcha’s. Yes, it is important for the elderly & disabled to use wheelchairs & walkers.

    You have the option to use an outhouse for bathroom, an electric or paper fan for cooling & a fireplace for cooking your Chulent except Hashem gave us opportunities to advance with technology, Halacha & medical advances.
    Congrats to the wonderful rabbis who have established a yeshiva, nursery, two new shuls, kosher eating options & an ERUV.

  4. Don’t you have consideration for mothers who are stuck in the house with their babies? . Men have the option of going to shul and socializing (after davening- outside shul)

    • I grew up in Lakewood, back in the 70’s when there was no eruv. I never heard my mother complain about it. I moved to Flatbush in the 90’s. My wife never complained about the lack of Eruv. I went to Shul in the mornings and I babysat every Shabbos so my was able to go out in the afternoon and socialize with our neighbors and friends. It worked beautifully as our children grew up, b”h. I don’t see what the problem is.

  5. #2. The Gemara talks about how an Amora instructed there be an Eruv in the city.
    I believe some of the Rishonim conclude from here that it is good to put up an eruv for the benefit of Klal Yisrael.

  6. Here to set the record straight…I live in Buffalo Grove and it’s 45min from Chicago (1/2 hr to Skokie) and the rabbis are awesome! BG Is the perfect place for a family who would like a very warm and non judgemental community that is growing together. The eruv had been down for almost 3 years and now with Rabbi Paretzky’s incredible devotion we have united an entire 15 mile perimeter that includes the two previously separate Eruvs. HaRav Fuerst shlita was the one to declare it kosher. Check out Rabbi Paretzky on the eruv initiative’s website…now with a school and brand new state of the art mikvah BG is the place to be! please come and visit!

  7. Kudos to your community.

    And to Mr Flatbush of the 90s, u have lost touch with the new generation. Try & build a Lakewood kehilla without an ERUV & the homes will NEVER SELL.


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