Chessed Opportunity: Provide Oorah Boys With Tefillin


tefillinOorah Kiruv Rechokim, the renowned kiruv organization, has reached out to for assistance. Oorah is currently in need a pairs of tefillin for some of its campers at The Zone, its fabulous summer camp which does wonders in introducing the beauty of Yiddishkeit to young boys from irreligious homes.

“We’ve been using the same pair for several campers, but those without tefillin until after Shemona Esrei feel out of it,” a counselor at The Zone told, “If we want them to start wearing tefillin every day even after camp, we have to do it right for these four weeks.”

We are thus reaching out to readers and asking for help from those who can provide either actual pairs of tefillin or funds to purchase them.

The camp owns pairs of tefillin, but with the growth of the number of campers, there is currently a shortage.

Those who can assist in this regard are asked to email or

Tizkeh l’mitzvos.

{Casriel Newscenter}



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