Chazon Ish’s Glasses Up for Auction in Yerushalayim


The Jerusalem of Gold auction house is auctioning off a pair of eyeglasses said to have belonged to belonging to the Chazon Ish, who was niftar in 1953.

The auction house says that these “Shabbos spectacles” of the Chazon Ish were designed to be worn “very close to the head in order to solve the problem of going out with them on Shabbos.”

The auction house says: “Who knows how many verses were read with these spectacles and how much was studied with them! The complete Torah! There is a precise, detailed tradition according to which the spectacles had belonged to the Chazon Ish.

Their condition is listed as “Very Good.”

The opening bid is $2,000. The auction house expects to raise between five and eight thousand dollars.


  1. How do we know for sure that these glasses are legitimately the Chazzon Ish’s? Btw, I have a bridge I’m looking to sell.

  2. CI would remove his glasses when reading from a Torah scroll as he was choshesh it constituted a mechitzah.
    A blind man who discovered the glasses of the Pnei Yehoshua had his eyesight restored when he donned them.


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