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chazara mp3Chazara MP3 is a series of recorded shiurim covering all of Shas (including those mishnayos that have no gemara), Mishna Berurah and a few sections of Yoreh Deah. The purpose is to enable someone to review material that they’re familiar with, (ie; daf yomi) quickly, without getting bogged down in the complicated aspects. It is also helpful for learning when tired. Additionally, it helps people use their time productively when traveling, walking and even exercising. Some have even been using it to learn new gemara. The magid shiur is R’ Ahron Zelikovitz.
The Gemara is read and translated in a clear and simple fashion, geared toward someone with a yeshiva background. Almost all the Rashi’s are spoken out as the Gemara is being explained. The approximate timing is 15 – 18 minutes a blatt. All of the downloads have each blatt as a separate track, (with mishnayos each mishna is a separate track). Each download is approximately 700 MB, and the whole Shas is about 13 GB.

The Mishna Berurah is read and translated, with the main Shar Hatzion’s and Biur Halachos inserted in the appropriate places. The approximate timing is 9 minutes an amud. The tracks are broken down by seifim. Each download is approximately 1.2- 1.4 GB, the whole Mishna Berurah is almost 8 GB.

The Yoreh Deah chazarah is meant for someone who has already learned the Shach and Taz. Only the Shulchan Aruch is read inside, with the Shach, Taz, Pischei Teshuva and R’ Akiva Eiger’s spoken out.

Try our AUDIO page, where you can listen to the current ten blatt of Daf Yomi (the previous weeks and the next three days).

Please take advantage of our CHANUKAH SPECIAL, which includes:

1) ChazarahMP3 on Hilchos Chanukah

2) ChazarahMP3 on the relevant blatt in Maseches Shabbos.

3) Sefer Chazarah Berurah: which covers all the halachos contained in Mishnah Berurah Chelek Hay & Vov, for a special price.

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