Chaya Zissel Braun a”h


chaya-zissel-braunYerushalayim is still reeling from the attack on the light rail at Ammunition Hill. The vehicle in the attack was driven by a resident of East Jerusalem, who crashed through the station and struck a family waiting there.

As reported earlier, a baby, Chaya Zissel Braun a”h, was killed in the attack. She was a daughter of Rabbi and Mrs. Shmuel Elimelech Braun.

Her grandfather, Rabbi Shimshon Halpern, said that the baby’s parents had waited years for a child.

“Here was a pure girl, with a holy soul, who had done no wrong and was murdered for no reason.”

Rabbi Halpern related that the “family was returning from a visit to the Kosel.”

The driver of the vehicle tried to flee on foot but was shot by a policeman and was seriously injured. The terrorist is 21 year-old Abdur Rahman Slodi of Shiloach (Silwan). Slodi had previously served in Israeli prison for terrorist activities.

Magen David Adom reported that a total of 9 people were taken to hospitals.

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  1. BDE
    What a terrible tragedy to occur right after the yom tov of Simcha (happiness)
    think this is bad? it only gets worse R”L..
    look at the recent children tragedies Niftar over the last few weeks.

    1)Yoav Speigelman Z”L-of Yahud Israel -mother forgot & left him in car alone-September 5 2014-2

    2)Naftoli Yankiver Z”L-son of Mrs. Shifra of Ukraine & Lakewood -September 6 2014-31

    3)woman not feeling well & collapsed with cardiac arrest in Bnei Brak-September 8 2014-26

    4)Yiftach Rapaport-of kibbutz kfar menachem Israel-struck & killed by vehicle while crossing road- September 16 2014-8

    5)Tova Fraida Danziger-Chestnut Ridge NY-van backed into her-September 20 2014-18 months

    6)Child dropped by brother & fell-Beit Shemesh Israel-September 23 2014-6 months

    (the list continues with many more children niftar young & in strange ways R”L)

    Do YOU remember these very recent tragedies?

    Look at their young ages & the ways they were Niftar. in such a short span of time. do YOU think this is coincidence?

    NO MORE SIGNS OF TRAGEDIES NEEDED FROM HASHEM if we all start teshuva NOW we won’t need any more of these tragic wake-up calls from Hashem

    May his neshama have an Aliya

  2. BDE; May H”KBH give the parents the strength to cope during this terrible tragedy..Our hearts are broken for the grandparents, our dear friends Sara & Shimshon Halperin. Al eileh ani bochia,,,,,,

  3. BDE
    so sad & mouringful

    What are her parents names? anyone know them?

    please let us know so we can keep a record of them & never forget her special pure & sinless neshama

    May her neshama have an aliya

  4. bde

    she was an american citizen

    call the President and complain
    Comments: 202-456-1111
    Switchboard: 202-456-1414

  5. Our hearts are broken for our dear friends the Brauns, tichyu. While we know there are no mistakes in Hashem’s world, we still mispallel: “Bila maves l’netzach v’dima m’kol panim.”

  6. She was on her way back from the Kosel, her only trip there, were she kissed (had her lips placed near) the Wall. If anyone can be in touch with her parents and tell them the story of the Baal Shem Tov, how an extraordinarily holy neshomo had to come down just to wean and then went back up to higher heights, it would be a tremendous thing to do. Her whole mission in life was to kiss the Kosel. She then passed al Kiddush Hashem, which changed her soul (see Bava Basra 10b. Also, Reb Yoel Kahn gives one of the clearest explanations that since we know that Hashem rewards measure for measure, mida kneged mida, and the person had their entire body transformed because of Hashem, Hashem transforms the entire soul to something higher).

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