Charlottesville Mayor: I Changed My Mind About Confederate Monuments


Earlier this year, Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer voted against moving the Robert E. Lee statue out of a city park. Instead, he wanted to create “a new context” around the statue of the Confederate general.

Now Signer has changed his mind. He wants Lee gone ASAP.
“I think everything changed last weekend,” Signer said Friday on CNN’s “AC360,” referring to the violence that broke out when white supremacists and neo-Nazis came to demonstrate against the removal of the statue and clashed with counterprotesters.
“I think that was one of those moments in the nation’s history where everything turns,” he said. “I’ve been likening it in my mind to Dylann Roof, and the water hoses on the peaceful protesters in Birmingham, or Joseph Welch confronting McCarthy, saying ‘At long last, have you no decency?'” Read more at CNN.


  1. While the Leftists MINORITY are destroying American monuments due to “racism”, Russia has officially forbidden all websites related to the American Democratic party due to their “racist” history.

  2. This left-wing, Obama/DNC operative, Charlottesville Mayor Mike Shigner is one of the idiots who set up the situation in Charlottesville. He should be arrested and charged with numerous crimes. Lock him up.

  3. In other news, blacks are slaughtering blacks on the streets of Chicago. No flags. No monuments. No race baiting. No free speech lovers.
    Their white liberal Mayor, Rahm Emanuel couldn’t care less.


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