Charlie Gard’s Parents Ask to Bring Their Son Home to Die


The parents of British baby Charlie Gard are seeking permission to bring home their terminally-ill 11-month-old to die, after they said Monday that time had run out for the infant to receive experimental treatment.

Spokeswoman Alison Smith-Squire said Tuesday the High Court will decide the conditions of Gard’s death as part of a legal battle between a London hospital and Gard’s family over whether to take the child off life support. The family had previously hoped their son could receive treatment in the U.S., but the hospital argued the experimental treatment was giving Gard’s parents false hope. Read more at CNN.



    • It’s not a precedent – it happens all the time…
      From everything people have been saying about this, you would think that it was possible to keep someone alive indefinitely on a ventilator, which of course isn’t the case.
      But absent from the debate has been the question of the value of human life, even in such a state, as there was never really much question that little Charlie would die very young. In the non-Jewish world, apparently, it is already a given that “dying with dignity” as the judge put it, is superior to living in a compromised state.

  1. No way will they let him out of their clutches and allow the parents and professional doctors to look into how the hospital doctors botched him up. The hospital needs to kill the child to save their own skin.

  2. It’s so sad how the doctors and nurses who so badly want to save lives have their reputations sullied by hospital directors who care only about the bottom line. The bottom line for patients, however, is that hospitals are the last place to go if you want to get well.


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