Charles Krauthammer: Russia ‘Playing’ U.S.


krauthammerCharles Krauthammer said the Obama Administration was being played by the Russians, who seized the chance by Secretary of State John Kerry’s gaffe of calling any Syrian action “unbelievably small,” according to Politico.

“I think the Russians were playing chess here with a set of rank amateurs, [they] understood that that gaffe gave them the opening they wanted,” Krauthammer said Monday on Fox News’s “Special Report.” “There are two issues here – chemicals and the retaining in power of [Syrian President Bashar] Assad and of the Iran-Hezbollah-Assad-Russian axis dominating the region.”

“The Russians clearly, immediately saw that this enabled them to achieve their two objectives: keep Assad in power, after all, if we’re going to have these negotiations we have to essentially recognize that Assad has to go. He’s the guy that’s going to have to provide the protection for any inspectors, locate the sites, he’s going to have to be in there,” he added.

{Andy Newscenter}



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