Charles Hynes, Longtime Brooklyn District Attorney, Dies at 83


Former Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes, the borough’s longtime top prosecutor who changed how the office treated some drug users and people accused of domestic violence, has died at the age of 83, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Mr. Hynes, known as Joe, died Tuesday night at a hospice in Deerfield Beach, Fla., said Mr. Hynes’s son, Sean Hynes. Mr. Hynes had a stroke in 2016 and had struggled with health problems over the last six months, Sean Hynes added.

A longtime Democrat, Mr. Hynes served as the borough’s top prosecutor beginning in 1990. In 2013, he lost the Democratic primary to challenger Kenneth Thompson, then lost again after running in the general election on the Republican and Conservative ballot lines.



  1. Hynes crossed party lines and needed an endorsement from the Republicans. Why would they hitch their bandwagon to him? What did he have over the committee members head?

  2. I shared a panel with DA Hines re: Drug abuse in the Frum Community (held at Maimonides Hospital in Borough Park) and have worked with him on some cross-country issues. He was a decent fellow. He had a Frum (Lubavitch) woman working for him. (Mrs. White?)

  3. Is that the guy who targeted frum people for prosecution, and when I say targeted, I mean complete double standard in order to put away a Jew. Burn well, Hynes; now you are the one prosecuted.


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