Charles Barron Gives Illuminating ‘Interview’


brooklyn-city-councilman-charles-barronBy Yochonon Donn

Brooklyn – With the tremendous disconnect between the outrageous Charles Barron we’ve known for years and the new Charles Barron of the past month, after his advisers told him that every word he utters can only do him harm, we present an interview – exclusive, as I understand – regurgitating some of his favorites over the years.

Barron, a city councilman who is running for the newly redesigned 8th Congressional District – which includes parts of Sea Gate, Manhattan Beach, Coney Island, Brighton Beach, Canarsie and Williamsburg – has an, er, enviable way with words, as you can see in the interview.

As one of the seven founding members of the MALIK fraternity, the former Black Panther comes to the table with staunch beliefs in affirmative action, reparations for slavery, Ebonics training for teachers, and a dislike for capitalism.

State Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries, Barron’s opponent for the Democratic nod to replace Rep. Ed Towns (D-Brooklyn), is his exact opposite. Soft-spoken and collected, the Harvard Law School graduate urges a “responsible” foreign policy and demands that voters elect a “serious man for the job.”

What both men have in common is the sense that if elected they will continue pushing the issues they’ve been talking about for years. In Jeffries’ case, it is affordable housing, promoting a responsible banking culture and a strongly pro-Israel platform. In Barron’s case – well, read for yourself.

Hi, Mr. Barron. We appreciate that you were able to come here. What convinced you, a not-so-conventional politician, to come?

I am not a politician. I am an elected revolutionary. (Investigative Project on Terrorism, 10/8/09)

There is a strong Jewish lobby and some council members are afraid of that lobby. (Jerusalem Post, 8/16/02)

Jewish lobby? That’s the first I’ve heard of it. What do the Jews lobby for?

There seems to be a double-standard in seeking and applying justice…. There is a way of thinking that says black life is not as good as Jewish life. That way of thinking has real consequences. It puts a chip on the shoulders of those made to feel inferior and gives a false sense of entitlement to those placed on high. The fact that [Jews] have their own ambulance service and volunteer police detail in the heart of the community speaks to that. (, 4/28/10)

That is outrageous. I now see where you get your juicy reputation from. You are up there in the same league as Nation of Islam agitator Louis Farrakhan and Al Sharpton…

Louis Farrakhan is not a racist, and neither is Al Sharpton. You can have your beliefs. (Ibid.)

Sharpton and Farrakhan are not racists? Farrakhan has publicly called Judaism a ‘gutter religion.’ Is that what you believe?

It’s irrelevant. … I support Sharpton. I support Farrakhan. (Fox, 3/26/99)

The fact that you support those two is not surprising, given your long history with them. Crown Heights, Muammar Gadhafi, Palestinians, Robert Mugabe – the Zimbabwean president who stole land from all whites, resulting in the deaths of tens of thousands from famine.

Robert Mugabe is my hero… And guess what? So is Muammar Gadhafi … You should never have bombed Libya, and you should never have murdered Gadhafi … He’s an African hero …  I’m going to tell it like it is. (New York Times, 11/29/11)

You certainly are doing that, Mr. Barron.

One person’s horrible person can be another person’s hero. [Gadhafi is] my hero, an African freedom fighter…. Like Nelson Mandela and Robert Mugabe, [Gadhafi] is an African freedom fighter, taking back African resources for African people…. America hates strong African leaders who are not afraid of them. (Ibid.) Like you think George Washington and Thomas Jefferson are heroes, I think they’re slaveholders who sold African people. (Daily News, 11/9/11)

Let us not forget that Gadhafi was responsible for the deaths of 270 people, mostly Americans, in the Pan Am bombing over Lockerbie, Scotland in 1988.

There’s no evidence linking him to that… Gadhafi didn’t kill near these killers. (Daily News, 11/9/11)

By the way, you could argue about Gadhafi – but Mugabe? Even your own community hates him for the poverty he has brought to Africa’s former breadbasket. Inflation is so rampant there that a loaf of bread costs wheelbarrows full of Zimbabwean million-dollar bills. He has killed tens of thousands of his own citizens!

[The West hates Mugabe because] he is setting the example by showing that if white farmers don’t cooperate, he’s willing to take the land back. (Harvard Crimson, 10/30/02)

I understand that you attended a City Council reception honoring Mugabe. Do you regret that decision?

Absolutely not. … Does he do things that I disagree with? Yes. … You didn’t care about black Africans when whites were killing them in Rhodesia. (New York Times, 6/27/08) In the year 2000, when he said one [white] farm [would be confiscated], one farmer, he was vilified. … For 20 years they loved Mugabe because they didn’t take the land from the whites. … [Whites] still own 80 to 90 percent of the land. Thatwhy they like Mandela. That’s why they like Bishop Tutu. They let the whites keep the land. (New York Observer, 6/27/08)

But what about Mugabe’s human rights abuses reputation?

I don’t reject or accept them [without going on a] fact-finding mission. (New York Times, 9/16/02)

Mr. Barron, tell us about some of your other heroes who would serve as your guiding lights in the hallowed halls of the U.S. House of Representatives.

I have no discomfort whatsoever in supporting who I think is one of the greater humanitarian efforts across the nation, and that’s President Hugo Chavez who is providing oil for those who are in Harlem and in other parts of America. (CNN 9/22/06)

Chavez? He’s also one of those dictators confiscating land and businesses from those who rightfully own them.

First of all, I feel very, very comfortable being with Hugo Chavez because I think he’s a humanitarian. The discomfort I have is with George Bush. He’s the one that is creating war, death and destruction around the world. And the pretext of going into Lebanon is to bait Iran into some kind of confrontation because five percent of the world’s population – the United States – uses 25 percent of the world’s energy. And I think that they need to get more oil. That’s why they are in Iraq. That’s why they want Iran in this war. And that’s why they despise Hugo Chavez.

President Bush, I think, is out of control in this world. We need to stop it before it gets even worse and I think Hugo Chavez is correct in his analysis. He’s not looking for war. He’s looking for peace and trying to eradicate poverty. Tell Bush to heat up Harlem. Tell Bush to heat up Boston, and maybe we won’t have to use Hugo Chavez. (Ibid.)

Well, Cuba’s Fidel Castro also helped the poor and he’s an evil dictator who – wait, don’t tell me he’s another one of your…

[I actually have a] special fondness for Castro because of the Cuban leader’s efforts to help several African nations, particularly Angola, in their march toward independence decades ago. I think we should lift the embargo and normalize relations with Cuba. (New York Post, 3/3/08)

But what about human rights? Morality? Castro is persona non grata according to everyone…

If you want to look at morality and humanity, Castro has exported medical equipment and medical services and engineers and architects. … Every time you hear of Castro exporting something, it’s humanitarian aid. When America exports something, it’s killing and war machines and bombs and troops. (New York Sun, 8/1/05) He is a true champion of human rights worldwide. (New York Sun, 5/26/05)

{By Yochonon Donn for Hamodia}


  1. Leave Charles alone. He’s not as bad as you’re making him out to be. Many Democrats are not pro Israel. Get over it. He serves his constiuents well & he’s pro traditional marriage. Go Heat!

  2. Rabosai this is sad but there is no hishtadlus here. Mr. Barron’s opponent, Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries, voted consistently in favor of toeiva marriage. I cannot image that the Melech malchei hamelochim wants us to try to stop the advance of a physical menuval by strengthening the hand of a spiritual menuval. We don’t know Hashem’s cheshbonos but this is undoubtedly for the good.


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