Charges Dropped Against Israeli Who Brought Fake Bomb To Airport


Charges have been dropped against an Israeli businessman who was caught carrying a realistic-looking fake homemade bomb in Newark Liberty International Airport.

Alon Feldman, 50, had been charged by the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office with “creating false public alarm” and “interference with transportation” after the incident on September 4, which led to the Transportation Security Administration closing the third level of Terminal C at the busy international airport while it confirmed that the device was not a working bomb. He was arrested after a TSA officer at the airport saw the item in his carry-on and alerted a supervisor.

After an investigation it turned out that Feldman, who is a vice president of sales for a company that designs and manufactures portable X-ray inspection systems, was carrying a fake explosive device with him for a sales demonstration with a branch of the United States military.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. good to hear that, and in such situations one should notify airport authority beforehand. TSA personnel are not necessarily the sharpest so to say.

    • One of the requirements in order to be hired by the TSA is, you have to be as dumb as a doorknob. You also have to have the personality of drying paint.

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