Chareidim Respond To Appeal


Two chareidim from Bnei Brak were first to respond to an appeal for electrical appliances needed by a poor Tel Aviv family whose two-year-old daughter had been diagnosed with cancer.

“I saw the request and couldn’t ignore it,” one of the donors told BeChadrei Chareidim. “I was happy to notice a sale held today at Bnei Brak’s Osher Ad for washing machines and dryers and took advantage of it to donate a washing machine to the family; I don’t want any publicity and am happy that I made a kiddush Hashem.

A dryer was donated through the joint efforts of a chareidi and secular Jew.

A comment subsequently appeared on Twitter: “Meet the Israeli soldiers who don’t wear uniforms. Yes, here is another of these ‘parasites’ who ‘don’t contribute to the state’ and ‘don’t benefit society.'”

{ Israel News}


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