Chareidim Recognize Education Ministry


Hundreds of chareidi rabbonim, school directors, educators and activists recently participated in a special meeting that constituted the chareidi world’s official recognition of the Education Ministry’s chareidi department. Last year, gedolei hador instructed directors of chareidi institutions not to cooperate with the department due to its attempts to place chareidi girls in institutions against the directors’ wishes.

Education Minister Naftali Bennett had positive words to say at the meeting.

“If I needed to find one word that characterizes chareidi education, I would say it is love,” he said. “Love to the talmid and pupil.”

Deputy Education Minister Meir Porush spoke of the importance of the independent chareidi education in line with the posuk, “Behold, they are a nation that dwells alone.” In line with this, he noted that Israeli law provides full independence to chareidi schools and that perhaps the only purpose in placing 400,000 chareidi children from the ages of three to eighteen and the 6,000 institutions under the aegis of the Education Ministry was to make it easier to fund chareidi chinuch and to anchor the terms of 55% or 75% of funding that chareidi institutions are supposed to receive from the government in law.

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