Chareidim Launch War on ‘Taliban Women’ Who Distort Tznius


taliban-women-jewsAn internal  battle is taking place these days against “Taliban women,” a radical sect of women wearing cloaks and observing strict modesty rules, claiming to do so for tznius reasons. The gedolim have already strongly criticized these women for their behavior and said that what they are engaging in is contrary to the halacha and hashkafah of the Torah.

Ads posted in chareidi neighborhoods in Yerushalyim  and Beit Shemesh are announcing the establishment of a special committee against the groups members.

“Help help, Yerushalayim and Beit Shemesh are crying out,” says the poster, referring to the “Taliban women” as “a new sect of cruel women making people miserable and destroying homes, risking lives and showing no mercy to little children.”

The ads claim that the sect members torture their children for education purposes. At least in one case, of a Beit Shemesh woman nicknamed “Taliban mom” who was convicted of abusing her children, such claims have been proven true.

The committee members are threatening to impose sanctions on the sect’s women: “The people of Yerushalayim and Beit Shemesh – we shall not abandon our brothers. We will boycott the women leading this rebellious sect and publish their names and addresses.”

They are even accusing the women of “calling for a revolt by offering impure and forbidden advice and leading a group under the disguise of ‘extra holiness.'”

The radical sect emerged about five years ago, and is said to include some 300 women in Yerushalayim and Beit Shemesh, many of them newly religious.

The ads include a telephone and fax number for any information about these women. They are signed by the “committee against the cruel women’s sect.”

{Yair Israel, Ynet)


  1. These are nut jobs and who knows if they are Jews. Their behavior is cult-like, and copying from avodah zorahs. Sickos is the only word that describe them.

  2. There is a much more prevalent issue of women who wear too short skirts and tight clothing etc. This is something that is worth focusing more attention on rather then a few 100.

  3. Full face burkhas are also a problem as seeing someone’s face and eyes is vital to identification and trust building. People hding behind burkhas are also like people who wear mirrored sunglasses whilst talking to you. This sect has gone off the deep end. Golden mean anyone ?

  4. I do not agree with the multi covered woman, and their daughters, but I think this is not in agreement with the gedolim. They came out against this way of dress, but not with rhetoric. This opens the door for the crazy men out there who literally beat women who do not dress the way they think is right. it will also just make this group stronger, and bring lots of anti charedi media attention. In other words, Chillul Hashem unparalleled. You want to be proactive? Be friendly, make sure they are taking care of the kids properly, and they are not abused by thier men. You catch more with honey. Ha Kol Kol Yaakov. This won’t work. Do the friendly work, and in ten years there will be no more ‘cultish’ dress.

  5. Islam is not avoda zora, according to the gemora…in fact u are allowed to go into a Mosque, as opposed to a church, your not allowed

  6. I was once in israel, and met such a woman.
    She started to lecture me that i have to wear several layers of clothing and when you are sweating, hashem counts the drops of sweat an you get schar for every drop of sweat.
    So i answered her that my rebetsin doesnt wear like this, and she is my example, so she answered me: the gehinnom is big enough
    it made me so so upset, i just stood up and went away

  7. Poor lost souls.
    They are no different from many of the Jews here in the US who have gone the other way.
    The Torah states, Keep this commandment that I command you today…do not turn to the Right or the Left…
    Life is a narrow bridge, the important thing is to not be afraid.

  8. These are the same idiot’s who play games and claim that it’s altz “Kiddusha”! These women have to be sent to a mental house!

  9. These crazy ‘jewish'(?) women are causing a chilul Hashem and they are not one iota better than the other Erev Rav, the neturei karta. They are making a laughing stock of Torah, of Hashem and can eventually prove to be dangerous for the Jewish people, in general. How does look to normal peoples when they see ‘jews?’ like these meshugaim?!

  10. any ads that are signed by “committee against cruel women’s sect” have absolutely no significance, and should not be posted in matzav. Unless an ad is signed by actual people, it should be completely ignored!!! I am surprised at matzav. In Yerushalyim there are tens of these posters out on the street with no signature. You don’t publicize them, why this one?

  11. the dumbest thing about it is if they are doing it for tznius these burkas get more people to stare at them rather than less people if they dressed regularly

  12. Reb 10:
    Islam is not mentioned in Gemora.
    Their founder lived after chasdimas hashas.
    It is a good idea to start learning if you want to comment on Halocho.

  13. to #22: Being naive or even stupid is not an aveira. But farsheiming someone and sinas chinom, especially before yemei hadin is! An apology is in order.

  14. #25, he was quoting a Rambam not a Gemara (btw, what is chasdimas?)

    these people are all bts who distorted yiddishkeit and brought in there smallminded ides of right and wrong. this is just one of many ways that we suffer from the bt movement.

    agav, that pic is not them, it is regular arabs. misleading.

  15. it should be noted that the Eidah HaChareidis did officially come out against the wearing of burqas and other excessive manners of dress.

  16. These women are crazies and probably not even of Jewish descent and are making a mockery of Judaism and Torah. They should be ostracized from the communit; otherwise, they will increase in number because of stupid or naive women following their ways and will, c’v, grow to be another blot on the Jewish community like the neturei karta. Maybe, this is some kind of covert plan to make the Jew a laughingstock or more hated than we are already.

  17. Reb peakaboo!:
    He was not quoting Rambam because he wrote gemora.
    As to chasdimas it is plitas hakulmus, I meant cahsimas.
    By the way, your belittleling of all bts is hotzoas shem ra on a very large segment of Yiden.


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