Chareidim Have No Money For Dental Care

Patient's view of Dentist

A survey of Israelis’ health care found a disturbing gap between chareidi Israelis and the wider Jewish public. 13% of chareidi Israelis said they avoided medical procedures for financial reasons compared to only 8% of other Jews. 53% of the chareidim said they forgo dental care for the same reason compared to 32% of the regular Jewish populace.

83% of the religious populace took out public health insurance’s special coverage. This was double the rate of Arabs but a bit less than the general Jewish public. Private insurance was less. Only 19% of religious Jews paid for this perceived luxury compared to 12% among Arabs and 50% of the general Jewish populace. This was partially because private insurance is for less common medical eventualities.

The study was conducted by experts for the Chareidi Institute for Policy Studies.


{ Israel News}


  1. the Zionists don’t want are helega Torah learners to have strength or health, they want us to serve in their treif army, to assimilate and then beat us when we argue, we will never allow the Zionists to take the Torah kedosha from us.

  2. Kids are pretty much covered now a days with insurance from the kupat cholim. Adults also have pretty good coverage. I still opt to see someone private and pay…

  3. Final health care goal. If we can ever subsidize and help dental care. Why are yids voting republican? You want a greater military and tax cuts so the rich gentiles have more? Think humane. We must help even our own. How can you suffer terrible dentition? Your inner soul must be in good health.

    Best thought is ever a future with dental care. America and Israel can do it. High priority. Nuclear arsenal can probably wait.

    Did you really vote republican? Bite hard. It might not last.

    • To Mr. Anonymous, you said that (the United States getting an updated improved) “Nuclear arsenal can probably wait.” Well, VERY unfortunately, the “nuclear arsenal” of North Korea AND what the wicked leaders there plan to do WITH that arsenal, RACHMANA LITZLAN, is obviously NOT going to “wait”!! Furthermore, those countries who will very most probably BACK UP North Korea (as they said they would, in case the United States fights back a little bit “too hard”) (and as what actually DID happen 67 years ago in the first war in Korea), THEIR “nuclear arsenals” are obviously not going to “wait” either!!

  4. what charedim are really lacking is education about brushing your teeth and all dental care. they know nothing. walk around yerushalayim and look at the teeth. then look at the teeth of the children of americans yungerleit. why the difference? these have taught the importance. if a yerushalmi understood it he would get the proper care. you ask about the cost no doubt. no worries. just schnorr a bissel more gelt. joking aside, the kupot cholim provide much free dental care today because of the charedi health minister.

    a kid behind me in shul is about 6. his teeth are rotten. they’re black. his father said something about it to me. yet he still lets him gather over 20 toffies at a bar mitzva.

    there was a news item a month or two ago. a new cheder is being started in the south because they don’t like the intervention of the misrad hachinuch. what was their crime this time? they made a program to teach kids in cheder to brush. rachmana litzlan. I don’t want to say which gadol is behind this. so i’ll say it wasn’t the Rav Shteinman – R’ Chaim Kanievsky side.

    again, the problem is education and priorities. the guy three rows in front of me has a front tooth missing. looks horrible. as do all his teeth. but don’t you worry about his esrog. it’s a few hundred shekels. just keep priorities straight.

    • the Zionists want to take the Torah from us, its not about teeth or health insurance its about the Zionists only goal of taking Yidden away from Yiddishkeit.

      • So the Zionist dont fund Yeshivas? They dont fund the rabbanut? The don’t fund healthcare? Are Chief Rabbis outlawed in Israel? Are non orthodox marriages allowed? Whats The rate of intermarriage in Israel? How many Israelis are traditional?

  5. If people do not have access to professional dental treatment, that in itself WOULD NOT NECESSARILY be a calamity. For if people were to properly take truly healthy care of themselves, Im Yirtza Hashem, they would have no need whatsoever for any of the numerous procedures that a dentist’s office performs.

    In the early part of the last century, in Cleveland, Ohio, there was a prominent dentist, Weston Andrew Valleau Price, DDS (1870 – 1948). He excelled in specialized research of various aspects of the dental field and for 14 years served as chairman of the research section of the American Dental Association (the ADA). (Biographical facts at

    In the early 1930’s, he and his wife embarked on what was to certainly be his life’s landmark research project. They traveled over 100,000 miles to almost every part of the world to closely meet with and observe and examine and evaluate the original native peoples in each area. From the Eskimos and Indians of Alaska and Northern Canada to the Aborigines of the desserts of Australia to the ultra-traditional villages of the Alps Mountains of Switzerland.

    They carefully documented their findings and used their camera to take over 18,000 pictures. In 1939, they wrote and published a book about their expeditions titled “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration” (published by Paul B. Hoeber, Inc., Medical Book Department of Harper & Brothers, New York, London); it can be viewed online at

    With what they discovered, they were literally astounded!!

    ALL of the very divergent native peoples whom they saw had PERFECT teeth!! Yes, they were perfect teeth! Big shiny white teeth, all lined up exactly in their proper positions in wide dental arcs — obviously no need for an orthodontist to do any surgery or to put on any braces! There was also NO decay — NO cavities and certainly no need for any root canals!

    Furthermore, their general health was excellent too; they were strong and robust with big wide smiles on their faces and no depression or other emotional disturbances.

    HOWEVER, all of this was ONLY with those people who completely adhered to eating only the traditional foods of their native groups. However, those individuals who left their native groups and moved to the nearby towns and cities of our modern world and thus adapted to the ways of eating of our modern industrialized and commercialized world, they and their children soon had all the DENTAL (and MEDICAL) problems of our modern industrialized and commercialized world! Yep, they had all the dental problems in the book: crooked teeth, impacted teeth, cavities, needs for root canals, abscesses, gum infections, and several general health problems too — the works!!

    However, if they went back to their native foods mode — yes, if they did “T’shuva” — the medical & dental problems disappeared and they regained their good health.

  6. (continuation of my previous narrative)

    So what in the world was so super-super-super-special about the traditional native foods that made such a super-sharp-huge-gigantic-difference??? These native peoples had some kind of “secret” “Golden Key” to health??? Furthermore, there was absolutely not just one set of “native foods,” for these many different native groups were located in many very different kinds of geographic locations with many very different kinds of environments. So, for example, the types of animals and plants (as food sources) that were available in the freezing cold ice covered plains of Far Northern North America were obviously very different from the types of animals and plants (as food sources) that were available in the boiling hot sand covered islands of Tropical Polynesia! Yet, they all somehow had that supposed mythical “golden health key”???????

    Of course though, the truth is that there was no “secret” or “mythical” or “gold colored” “key” of health here! Instead, what was here (among the different native foods from the different locations) was a completely simple one common characteristic: THEY WERE ALL TOTALLY NATURAL!! That is right; you heard me correctly: they were all totally absolutely natural — completely the way Hashem Yisborach made them for us! No deadly pesticides were used on them in their growth, and no other synthetic chemicals were added to them in their preparation. Their structures and their forms were not changed and shattered, and no parts of them were stripped off or trimmed off.

    Such pure clean complete foods — with all of their parts fully present — obviously contained all of the very good very numerous crucial nourishing nutrients that Hashem Yisborach placed there for us. So people eating them will, Boruch Hashem, get all of those nourishing items that they crucially need to properly healthfully function.

  7. (continuation of my previous narrative)

    When Hashem made the animals and fowel and fish and plants (as future food sources) in the areas that would be settled by modern civilization, HE packed right into those animals and fowl and fish and plants THE EXACT SAME AMOUNT of the crucial nutrients that we need as HE packed into the animals and fowl and fish and plants (as future food sources) in the areas that would be settled by the native tribes!

    If you still do like saying the poetic term of the “Golden Key of Health,” we can use it to express this same fact. Only, as I noted before, there is nothing “mythical” about it, and, it is absolutely NOT any kind of a “secret” “key” that only the native tribes have. For, on the contrary, the fantastic wonderful “Golden Key of Health” that Hashem gave to the old native tribes, THAT EXACT SAME fantastic wonderful “Golden Key of Health” HE also EQUALLY gave to modern civilization! Yes, Hashem gave the fantastic wonderful “Golden Key of Health” TO EVERYONE — to the peoples of old native tribes AND to the peoples of modern civilization!!

    The only DIFFERENCE is, that, fortunately, the old native tribes continually utilized the “Golden Key,” while, UN-fortunately, the modern civilizations chose to NOT use the “Golden Key.” Not only have they not used the “Golden Key,” in their extreme wicked arrogance – (in Torah we call it) “in their Geferlicha Rishus Fun Ga’ava,” they took the key and threw it down and banged it and bashed it and smashed it and destroyed it!!

    When plants of grains and vegetables and fruits are first planted, they are repeatedly sprayed and sprayed and sprayed and sprayed and sprayed with numerous insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, miticides, and other pesticides. (I once saw in a magazine that on just one apple, no less than 100 pesticides are applied!) These are all severely deadly poisons called “neuro-toxins,” that kill by injuring and destroying an organism’s neurological structure.

    The retort that the pesticide industry gives is that “by the time ‘it’ (the sprayed food) gets to you,” those chemicals will have been long ago washed off and gone. The truth though is that these chemicals, being exceedingly strong and repeatedly applied in excessive amounts, heavily soak into the plants in ways that are not simply “washed off.”

    Upon harvesting, grains like rice are sheered of their coverings — thus sheering off much of their nutrients — to make “white” rice. Other grains are super processed into fine powders that have no resemblance to the original kernels but DO have most of their original nutrients super processed out! These powders, called “flour,” are mixed with super processed (and thus now harmful) oils and super processed (and thus now harmful) sugars and super processed (and thus now harmful) eggs. Further added to these concoctions are several outright synthetic artificial harmful chemicals as “preservatives,” “flavorings,” “colorings,” and “stabilizers.”

    Varied compositions of these concoctions are formed into various breads, cereals, crackers, cookies, cakes, and pies, which well make up THE VAST BULK of the diets of most children and very many adults.

  8. (continuation of my previous narrative)

    Probably one of THE most major food sources of good needed nourishing nutrition is milk. However, its modern day product is, again, super processed in ways that destroy the bulk of its nourishing nutrition. So our milk of today and the creams, butters, cheeses, yogurts, and other dairy items formed from it, are really, unfortunately, defective products!

    On the “Fleishig” side of the kitchen, our modern philosophies direct us to slice off all of the fat from our steaks and beef stews and chicken servings. But unknown to us is the fact that when we cut off the fat, we also cut off the numerous crucially needed nutrients that are stored in the fat!

    Tremendously more serious though, is the state of the sources of our milk and our meat. The images we have of a farm are of a beautiful blue sky above a beautiful green meadow with a number of robust cows grazing on the fresh green grass of the meadow with a dark red colored barn on the side. These images are just that — images! They are our IMAGINATIONS of what WE THINK a farm should look like, based upon illustrations of farms in children’s books, which we saw when we were children. And those illustrations WERE correct, for until about 60 years or so ago, farms actually DID look like that!

    Very unfortunately though, in our current “ultra-modern world,” almost all of those farms were bashed out of existence, and most farms today are totally different! There are NO cows at all outside in any meadows eating any grass! There are no meadows at all around and most probably not even any grass! Instead, there are large drive lanes for the huge transport trucks to come in and out to transport the merchandise. There are several very long gigantic drab colored building structures. Inside them are tightly packed a virtual infinite number of small pens for animals. For chicken and other fowl (instead of pens) there are an even larger virtual infinite number of small cages. Locked in each pen is a cow or a calf or a lamb; the space of the pen is very little, with no room for the animal to even turn around. Locked in that pen is where the animal will spend almost his or her entire life. The same is with the cages; locked in each cage is a chicken or other bird, and that is where the bird will spend almost his or her entire life.

    Running along one of the ends of the pens and one of the sides of the cages are very long troughs where the food for the animals and the birds is placed. They are NOT fed the grass and insects that they need; instead, they are stuffed with heavy — grown with pesticides — grains like corn and soy. Corn and soy are not proper for them to eat and this forced ingestion of them causes serious digestive breakdowns and severely dangerous infections like e-coli and mad-cow disease, Chas V’Shalom. In response, the farmers (with their modern veterinarian doctors) merely inject the animals and the birds with huge doses of numerous anti-biotics and other medications and various growth stimulates.

    Understandably, the true healthy nourishing nutritional value of animals and fowl raised in such callous abuse is going to be very, very little. So — even before any processing is done on them — the milk from those cows and the eggs from those chickens and the meat from all of those cows and calves and lambs and chickens and ducks and turkeys are all going to be VERY defective products.

  9. (conclusion of my previous remarks)

    So as our modern world has thrown away the “Golden Key of Health” and we are thus denied the healthful nourishing nutrition that we crucially need, and, instead are often given what is gravely HARMFUL to our health, from that problem alone, it is clearly understandable why we are beset with so many disease problems. So, when a man and woman make a Chasuna and start a family, in their plans for Parnassa, they are forced to think of how will they have ready for each child over $10,000 to pay the orthodontist for the extensive braces to just make sure that the child’s teeth do not come in crooked! And (for each child) there will most probably be several more thousands of $$$ to pay for the several cavity fillings and root canals that most probably will also come along!

    However, the dental work and the exorbitant high bills for the dental work are just a tiny part of the parents’ worries. For looming on the horizon are, Chas V’Shalom, the other “big” deadly diseases that have been brought on modern life.

    (For further detailed explanations of Dr. Price’s findings, see

    Needless to say, we must have tremendous Shevach V’Hoda’ah – Praise and Thanks to Hashem Yisborach that in our modern society in recent years there have been a number of excellent movements and efforts to try to begin to REGAIN the “Golden Key of Health”: To produce food that is totally “organic,” with none of the pesticides or other synthetic chemicals and none of the Genetic Engineering DNA changes (GMO’s) either. There are also good companies that are producing milk that is organic AND raw — none of the destructive processing — along with dairy items from that organic raw milk. Re-establishing proper farms with properly raised FED WITH GRASS animals and fowl and thus producing organic grass fed meat and poultry and for us organic grass fed KOSHER meat and KOSHER poultry, is, Boruch Hashem, also being done.



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