Chareidim Give More Tzedokah Than Other Israelis


Chareidim give significantly more of their time and money to charitable causes than other Israeli populations.

The Chareidi Institute for Public Affairs (CIPA) found that while 59% of Israeli Jews give tzedokah, among chareidim the figure is 89%, with 67% giving over $140 monthly. Among religious Zionists, the figure was 80%.

Volunteering of time for charitable causes is prevalent among 21% of secular and traditional Jews, while for religious Zionist and chareidi Jews, the figures are 33% and 38%, respectively.

{ Israel}


  1. Maybe, but the “Other Israelis” give three years of their lives serving in the army, defending the nation, plus several weeks a year of reserve service for about 20 years. They also pay more taxes than the chareidim which enables the state to support the chareidim, and enables the chareidim to give tzedaka.

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