Chareidi Woman Appointed Consulate Administrator in Istanbul


Yafah Olowitzky, a chareidi mother of four, was recently appointed administrative officer of the Israeli consulate in Istanbul, Turkey. Her overseas career began seven years ago when she was appointed cultural attaché at the Israeli embassy in Moscow.

“I grew up in Givat Shaul, Yerushalayim, in a home that was chareidi in every way,” Olowitzky said. “Our home was saturated with Torah values and yiras shomayim. The only difference I can perhaps point to and which caused me to become atypical, as you put it, is that both my parents were employed by the prime minister’s office. This is probably the source of my inspiration and ambition.

“My late father thought that there was no problem to be a Jew with yiras shomayim and meticulous in halacha concurrent to working as a civil servant,” she said.

{ Israel}



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