Chareidi Soldiers Rescue Palestinians From River


israel-floods[Video below.] Lifesaving cooperation occurred Tuesday between charedi IDF troops and Palestinians who were trapped in a stream growing violent due to the stormy weather.

Soldiers of the IDF’s charedi battalion Netzach Yehuda managed to rescue three Palestinian men before the fierce currents washed over them. Ynet obtained a documentation of the rescue.

The IDF troops were called to an area near the Nablus River, where, they were told, cars were stranded with their drivers trapped in a constantly intensifying current.

The storm was too severe for helicopters to arrive at the scene, and the battalion commander resorted to utilizing a Palestinian’s tractor that was passing by.

The commander mounted the tractor, as he and the owner drove toward the trapped cars, rescuing three men. A fourth man is known to have also been trapped in the river, but he was not found and was reported missing.

The tractor exited the flooded area just before the asphalt started collapsing. The soldiers gave the rescued men initial medical care at the scene.

Throughout Wednesday, Netzach Yehuda rescued some 33 people, of whom 30 who were trapped in a bus. In many of the rescues, the troops worked in cooperation with the Palestinian Authority’s rescue forces.

The Air Force’s special search and rescue division, Unit 669, involved in Tuesday’s rescues resulting from the stormy weather, also faced a challenging rescue mission on Wednesday, when it was called in to help a family trapped on the roof of a Tayibe house, surrounded by water.

“As we flew closer,” recounted the helicopter pilot called to the scene, “we noticed high voltage lines.” Guided by ground forces, the helicopter hovered over the roof, and “When we were just above the family, soldiers slid down ropes to the roof.”

Working in between the power lines in the harsh weather conditions, the 669 helicopter eventually managed to rescue all the trapped family members.

“The soldiers reached the family and reported via radio that they were with eight people, including children. One by one we cast down more ropes and started pulling people up into the helicopter. It took us an hour and 15 minutes to get everyone into the helicopter. From there we flew directly to Beilinson (Rabin Medical Center in Petach Tikva),” the helicopter pilot said.

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  1. There is no such thing as a charedi soldier. There is no style in uniform. When we are in uniform we are all jews. And that means that anyone who comes in from a chassidic community knows the real presence of Hashem who keeps our people civil. Baruch Hashem.

  2. let’s see this in the New York times and all the other anti-semitic newspapers, we probably won’t – a reality of Galus, maybe instead of wishing to see this in the Anti-Semetic media, we should do Teshuva and daven for Mashiach

  3. This is a real kiddush HaShem. Where is the government PR establishment? This should be posted everywhere. Instead of posturing about settlements, Netanyahu should be publicizing things like this if he really wants to sway world opinion towards Israel.

  4. To Joe Shmoe: you know why you won’t see it anywhere in the media? Go to hospitals too and you’ll see that this dog bites man. Now if the reverse would happen in the territories, that would be man bites dog…


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