Chareidi Lawmakers Protest Netanyahu’s Meetings on Shabbos


Chareidi lawmakers castigated Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu last night for holding a government meeting on Shabbos, which is banned under the status quo agreement signed by former premier David ben Gurion and which is part of the coalition deal, Kol Haolam reports.

The meeting was discovered after Netanyahu tweeted yesterday and mentioned holding a meeting about the Israel Public Broadcasting Corporation. UTJ MK Moshe Gafni said that the meeting, “which was not about issues related to ‘saving a life,’ should not have been held on Shabbos. This is a very serious issue, and Netanyahu’s unprecedented decision is absolutely unacceptable – even if the meeting was unofficial,” Gafni said. Netanyahu promised such incidents would not occur in the future.

{ Israel}


  1. It took a Yid from America, Jason Greenblatt to get Netanyahoo to daven Mincha last week. Maybe Jason could convince the Prime Minister of a Jewish Style country to keep Shabbos once in a while.


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