Chareidi Inmates To Get Prison-issued Hats And Jackets After Minister Steps In

Chareidi prisoners in Israel will be permitted to continue shedding their jumpsuits in favor of a black hat and jacket during davening after Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan stepped in to lift a newly enforced ban on the chareidi garb, Times of Israel reports.
The prison services began implementing the order over fears the black civilian garb could aid inmates in breaking out of prison. Following the intervention of the senior Likud minister this week, they agreed to roll out special hats and jackets for the prisoners that would be marked and easily distinguished from the guards’ black uniforms, according to reports on Wednesday and Thursday.  Until the new prison-issued chareidi uniforms are introduced, the prisoners will be permitted to continue wearing their own items of clothing during prayer services.
{ Israel}


  1. Incarceration in prison is synonymous with adjustments and restrictions to lifestyle. Prison is not meant to be a country club or a bais medrash.

    HaShem can certainly hear the tefillos of the prisoners, even if they are not wearing hats and jackets.

    Hopefully, the prisoners are as concerned with their doing tshuvah for the crimes they committed as they are for their hats and jackets.

    • Don’t just your fellow Jewish brethren so fast since MOST Jewish prisoners in Israeli jails are innocent. Yes, 100% innocent! If not for Israel’s policy “Guilty until proven innocent” which can take a long time, the jails would be almost empty of Jews.


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