Chareidi High School Shut Down for Not Accepting Student


Teveriah’s Ateres Rachel high school, where the vast majority of pupils are Sefardi, was forced to close down after it defied instructions from the Education Ministry’s chareidi department and refused to accept a student regarded unsuitable for the school. As part of a new zero-tolerance policy, the ministry cut funding from the school for the past few months.

“For the past two months we were pressured to give in to the dictates of the Education Ministry and accept a student in contradiction to the decision of the spiritual committee,” the school wrote to parents. “The Education Ministry’s interference was condemned by gedolei Yisroel of all circles… As a result, we hereby inform you that we are forced to close the high school.”

The school’s hundred students reacted to the sad tidings by going in tears to the municipality and begging Mayor Yosef Ben David to save their “second home.”

{ Israel}


    • The chiyuv to be dan l’kaf zechus and ahavas yisroel applies to frum Jews too. This is true even if they run schools. There are many good possible reasons why it would be extremely destructive to accept a particular student. Just because someone is in chinuch doesn’t mean that you can publicize sinas chinom about him without any idea of the facts

      • The irony And arrogance of your comment. Would be hilarious. If not for how commen your attitude is! What about the dan lkaf zchus for the student? What about the ahavas yisroel for the students? Just because someone is not in a position of power means they can be steamrolled over for the greater good!

  1. Based on the story reported here we certainly don’t have all the details. We absolutely shouldn’t pass judgment and clearly shouldn’t be a bunch of gossiping yentas spewing loshon hora and motzei shem ra online

    • Since when do yeshivas have spiritual committees? Just another excuse. If yeshivas really had confidence in their educational skills. They wouldnt fear any different kind of student. For all of the latest expulsions from yeshivas have they produced a Vilna Goan ? A Chofetz Chaim? A Aruch Hashulchan? A Rav Henkin? A Rav Moshe? A Rav Yaakov? Etc.
      Point blank the institutions are apparently failing at their job to produce Gedolim or many at that. Is their still a reason on top of that to turn away every and any student that wants to be in Yeshiva?

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