Chareidi Army Quotas Not Met

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The quotas set for yeshiva students’ enlistment for the past two years have not been met, according to Israeli sources. Only 2,527 chareidim enlisted in the 2015 draft year which ends in July, falling short of the quota set for 2,700. Civilian national service was even worse with only 728 chareidim volunteering of a quota for 1,800. In this year’s 2016 draft also, the number of draftees is still far short of the IDF 3,200 quota.

In the 2014 draft year, only 747 chareidim volunteered for civilian service – half the quota of 1,500, but IDF enlistment came very close to meeting the quota of 2,300 men with 2,280 enlisting.

At present, the quotas are only guidelines. After 2020, if quotas are not met, the defense minister will be authorized to draft the number of yeshiva students needed to fill the quota.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. My cousin might be getting drafted (learns in yeshiva full time, is a good bachur, but because he has a small job making kugel and cholent on Thursday nights to help make a little money and gets paid legally the government found out about it and said that he must not fall into the category of “Toroso Amunaso” and therefore should be drafted.) But my Uncle went and tried to speak to Gafni to see what could be done to help him out. He said nothing could be done, it’s his fault for deciding to “work” and put himself into that situation. Okay, fine. He however went on further to say that “adaraba, it’s good if he gets drafted, it’ll help reach the quota faster and keep other bachurim who haven’t been targeted yet out from being drafted. He decided to go against the rules (unknowingly) and now has to “pay” for it.” I’m paraphrasing but the point was that Gafni said this isn’t a bad thing, it’s a good thing for the tzibbur since they need to make the quotas to save other bachurim…Crazy!

    • There are thousands of stories just like yours. Thank you for sharing that, it’s important for people to realize that there is a gzeiras giyus. And the frum MKs don’t do any thing about it. You brought up MK Moshe Gafni, and his despicable behavior when someone is reaching out to him. Here is a montage of questionable things Gafni has said publicly regarding the army:

  2. You forgot to add, that in 2023 the program giving exemptions to yeshiva bochurim ends completely. Besides for a select 1,800 “illuyim”.
    If anyone is skeptical about the details of the draft law, check this link, it has all the pertinent parts of the draft law.
    Check it out:

  3. the Zionists will NEVER succeed in taking away us from learning the helege Torah, the czar failed in his draft (missionary) efforts and so will the Zionists in their missionary efforts, in fact by 2040 half of the Zionist state will be populated by anti-Zionists Arabs and Chareidim and when the Charedim will control the government they will make sure yeshivas are funded on par with the army as the yeshivas protect Israel.

    • davka your point those bochurim who are weak and need of a little bit more bran to give more shtarkeit are the ones who would be destroyed in the Zionist assimilation/atheist machine chas vashalom.

      • Because American Yeshivas follow the same example? Hypocrisy. How many bochrim are thrown out or don’t have a yeshiva every year in America?


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