Charedim Protest Women of the Wall, Burn “Prayer Book”


Charedi protesters demonstrating against the Women of the Wall’s monthly chilul Hashem at the Kosel set a “prayerbook” on fire and hurled objects at the women, according to witnesses.

Some 150 members of Women of the Wall met at the holy site on Friday for their monthly prayer gathering.

As soon as the group had gathered harassment began, with thrown eggs, cookies and coffee cups. A group of charedi women shoved members of the group and blew whistles to drown out their prayers.

Women of the Wall have been causing controversy for years, their Rosh Chodesh gatherings with sifrei Torah causing a huge chilul Hashem at the Kosel every month.

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  1. What a great way to start the 9 Days! I guess Bein Hazemanim has come since the bochurim have time on their hands to protest. The again for some, it’s always Bein hazemanim.

  2. I express no opinion about throwing objects, but burning the “prayer book” is a mitzvah. Sefer Torah she’kosvo min ta’un sreifah.

  3. Clarification: Their “Prayer Books” are not the normal Siddur you find in Authentic Jewish Shuls. Their “Prayer Books” contain made-up prayers for the environment, feminists, the poor palestinians, etc. It’s a comic book not a Siddur. These Reform and Conservatives don’t practice Judaism at all. Their made-up prayers and practices have nothing to do with authentic Judaism. Their cult leaders decide at their annual conventions what silliness and stupidity they will force down their follower’s throats during the coming year until their next convention when they will add more silliness and stupidity and then will sell their deviant prayers and practices to their followers and tell them that it is “real Judaism” when in fact its NOT.

  4. It just goes to show how all charadi people get blamed because of one person’s actions. I know someone will comment here that the reform siddur can be burned, but even if it is allowed, in front of the media it’s not a smart thing to do.

  5. When chareidim will be chareidim and stand up for Torah values then the secular israelis will never want to draft them.

  6. It’s a necessity & a Mitrzvah to finally put an end to the desecration of Judaism known as Reform and Conservative. Their deviant and foreign self-made practices bring shame and chillul Hashem to Judaism. Enough!!!
    Reform & Conservative are not related whatsoever to Judaism. They are man made cults.

  7. What a shameful reaction to a shameful situation. Do we have to stoop so low? What in the world will this stupidity accomplish besides giving chareidim a bad name?


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