Charedi Lost In An Arab Neighborhood Rescued By A Palestinian Man


A man from Bnei Brak wandered into the Palestinian neighborhood, Abu Snina, in Chevron.

As a crowd of hostile Arabs began to gather around the conspicuously dressed Jew, one  Palestinian man noticed him, held his hand to protect him, and alerted the police who rescued him.

The Jew was then escorted out of the village with no harm being done.


  1. curious why when lost in palistinian neighorhood one is afraid of his life. but when palistinian lostin jewish neighborhood he has no worry? this is not a questionish

  2. This Palestinian is genuinely a mensch who cares about people’s safety. unless he is a shill for the other Palestinians who surrounded the Jew to intimidate him. If the Palestinian did something against the wishes of the others, they would beat him up too.

  3. If an Arab gets lost in Israel 10 people will offer to help him out. He has no fear of being attacked by anyone-but if a Jew by mistake takes a wrong turn into a Arab village he has to fear for his life and better get out as fast as possible if he wants to stay alive.

  4. This Palestinian’s life is now in peril
    Poor guy! He extends himself to help someone and his peeps are likely to kill or just maim him: they will certainly attack him, his home, his family.


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