Charedi Kol Berama Radio Station Must Pay $280,000 For Excluding Women, Court Rules


In landmark ruling, the Yerushalayim District court fined a charedi radio station 1 million shekels on Thursday for refusing to allow women to appear on their airwaves.

The judge ruled that the fine paid by Kol Barama, which amounts to $280,000, will be transferred to a special fund that will be distributed to organizations that help women in religious communities.

Thursday’s ruling comes six years after the lawsuit was originally filed. The class action lawsuit was first filed in 2012 in the Jerusalem District Court by Kolech, a group of Orthodox feminists who were represented by lawyers from the Reform Movement’s Israel Religious Action Center.

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  1. ‘orthodox’ femenists represented by refom’…yes, wonder how ‘orthodox’ they are…’.reform’ and ‘religious’
    what a joke..2 exreme opposites

  2. Well, what would one expect from self-appointed chareidi hating radical liberal feminist judges where women are always right? We must pray with more kavana by Hashiva shofteinu… and umalchus zadon mehara se’aker…

  3. Secular coercion in the police state.No one makes anyone listen to this station, a station should have the right to run their station the way they want or is freedom of expression now dead in Israel? Who wants to bet that the fine money “that will go to women’s group in the religious community” will be a Soros and Reform Hellenist anti-religious group?

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