Chanukah Miracle: Mother Performs CPR On Her Daughter


By Eli Beer, President, United Hatzalah

I am very proud to share that my dear wife, Gitty, just became a United Hatzalah Volunteer. Just two days ago, Gitty organized a training drill for one-hundred other new female volunteers. After the training drill that was incredible and very professional, I was also fortunate enough to meet Tzippy, a remarkable new volunteer and hear her beautiful story why she decided to join United Hatzalah.

A few weeks ago after she finished her EMT training, Tzippi took a trip up north with her husband and children in honor of her daughter, Michal’s, upcoming Bat-Mitzvah. They traveled to the Golan Heights for a twelve hour hiking tour. While stopping to cool down in a chilly waterfall in the middle of the hike, Michal suddenly stopped breathing and started losing consciousness. Tzippy and her husband were in shock. Quickly, they grabbed Michal out of the water, and Tzippy began to administer mouth-to-mouth CPR.

Tzippy did this for 40 minutes, clinging to her daughter’s life. Tzippy’s husband had called for help, but any aide was far away as they were in the middle of nowhere. After 40 minutes, emergency medical services arrived to the scene and were able to stabilize Michal. EMS brought her to the hospital and found that she had hypothermic shock, which caused her to stop breathing.

That was just a few weeks ago. After Tzippy told me this incredible story, I asked Tzippy how Michal was doing. She told me that just the previous night, she had celebrated Michal’s Bas-Mitzvah. Although Tzippy knew how to administer CPR to save her daughter’s life, she knew many wouldn’t know how to react in a medical emergency. From this ordeal, Tzippy saw how great the need was for trained emergency medical response, and was inspired to become a United Hatzalah volunteer herself.

This Chanukah miracle is one out of thousand of amazing stories I’ve heard this year on how United Hatzalah has touched people, and I hope that this story has touched you, as well.



  1. Kol hakavod.
    All adults/parents should have some type of educational course in EMT given in yeshivos & girls’ high schools.


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