Chanukah Gelt – Who is on Your List?


misaskimChanukah is just a few days away and festivities are well underway. Family gatherings are nearly all planned out. The anticipation, the Chanukah gifts and the Chanukah gelt – there is just so much for most of us to look forward to. However, we at Yedid V’Yedid are toiling over Chanukah preparations of our own. These preparations are not for our families. The preparations are intended for the hundreds of children in our communities who will be missing a parent this Chanukah. For some of these yisomim, Chanukah is another reminder of their painful loss.

Last year Yedid V’Yedid gifted hundreds of yisomim with a $25.00 Chanukah gelt bank card. Now, Yedid V’Yedid is getting ready to once again present Chanukah gelt bank cards to the yisomim in our communities. This year the organization aims to give every child we can a $36.00 Chanukah gelt bank card. With nearly 1600 children to consider that were drawn from a list of families Misaskim has serviced, Yedid V’Yedid needs to raise $50,000. We ask you to join us in our efforts. Help us give these children an opportunity to celebrate Chanukah – just as we do with our own families. To donate please visit

YedidV’Yedid, a subsidiary of Misaskim, aims to provide a helping-hand to the yisomim in our communities. The organization is uniquely positioned to assess the needs of the children and to provide support services. Among other initiatives, Yedid V’Yedid coordinates Chol Hamoed outings, manages a summer camp fund, arranges Purim seudos and costumes and distributes gifts for Shevuos.




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