Channel 2 Reporter: Chareidim Are ‘a Bunch of Retards’


ilan-lukachWriting in Makor Rishon newspaper, journalist Ishay Fridman has exposed the extremist views that Channel 2’s culture reporter, Ilan Lukach, apparently holds regarding chareidim.

The views are exposed on Lukach’s Facebook page, where he has described chareidim as “a bunch of Khomeinistic retards that are taking over our lives.”

Judaism, according to Lukach, is “a retarded religion that is based on falsehoods, like all religions.” In order to ensure the next generation’s success, his advice is: “Educate your children to revile the black-garbed ones. Explain to them that these are clinically retarded people who are mentally disturbed.”

Read more at ARUTZ SHEVA.

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  1. Slander will get this reporter nowhere. All of the various Jewish groups have their charms, nuances and idiosyncracies. People should start trying to empathise and see the similarities between each other rather than focusing on the differences.

  2. And if not for those vile creature, he would never exist.
    Tell this guy to take a lOok at his family history photo album.
    His grandpa was a black garbed creature!

  3. Horrendous!!!
    Except what people write on their facebook pages are their decisions and can not be fought against. A sad, unhappy, frustrated and possibly abused individual who loves to foster hatred in the world. Pure rachmanous….

  4. Matzav,

    Why are you reporting this apikoros’ words? The world is full of such people, and we don’t need to be reminded of them nor waste our time with them.

  5. Do we really think that this sorry individual is an unthinking, wicked man, or are we perhaps partially responsible for the fact that views like this exist?

  6. Even though this fellow called me a retard, I still love him because he is a fellow Yid. And I pray that one day he finds a path of truth in life.

  7. Is this “reporter” a male or female? Its hard to tell by the picture you posted. Anyway, why repeat what this dufuss has to say? You feel obligated to report this “Huwey”?!

  8. Look who is calling the kettle black. Maybe if he had a haircut, he would think with a clearer head. Another hippie!

  9. I guess he’s one to know one. He really looks slightly retarded, but okay we will understand that he probably never looks in the mirror because it will be unable to handle his perfect image, and perfectly assumed normal being

  10. This woman has no clear idea how to bring peace and democracy to a nation and she has an ill ability to choose her words too. Either way, thanks for sharing the condemnatoin of humanity by a woman who is in a position to be a positive force through the media. Fire her.

  11. Poor guy, wonder who the retard is? Doesnt take much to figure it out. He might very well be related to Obahama, perhaps, he too, is a descendent of slaves!!

  12. No charedi jew wants to use government to control others or force them to be frum – we only want to be left alone and have freedom of religion.

  13. I wonder how she would handle her demons if she finds out that Lukach may very well be a generations-long relation to Reish Lukkish. Worth a shot.


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