Change In Leadership At The RCA


basil-herringRabbi Basil Herring, executive vice president of the Rabbinical Council of America since 2003, will leave that position to assume another, undefined position in the organization, the RCA announced this week.

Rabbi Herring has helped transform the RCA and will remain the RCA’s top professional executive until a successor is chosen, Rabbi Shmuel Goldin, RCA president, said in a letter sent this week sent to the organization’s executive committee and general membership. Rabbi Goldin has appointed a transition committee that has initiated the search process, Rabbi Goldin said.

Rabbi Herring, in a letter to the RCA, said his new role will be determined in the coming months.

The rabbi, a native of South Africa, previously served as executive chairman of The Orthodox Caucus and as a pulpit rabbi in Ottawa, Kingston and Atlantic Beach, L.I.

{The Jewish Week/ Newscenter}


  1. What planet have you come from? Lots of frum Jews, from the commonwealth especially, use their legal names.
    And for the uninitiated, what means Tzimring?

  2. What are his positions vis a vis Avi Weiss ,Rabba Sarah, Same Gender sympathies etc ?.. Heim Parshu UVachu VeHu Parush UVacha

  3. #2: There are plenty of names based on words. Shoshana, Shira (which R’ Chaim Kanievsky said we shouldn’t use), and many others.

  4. Obviously, Rabbi Herring is being re-positioned in recognition of a number of successive embarrasing failures on part of the RCA. The Chovevei Torah sham position, the Rabbah ordination fiaso, ‘Rabbi’ Maroof fantasized application, unendorsed unaccepted conversions, etc., etc. The RCA must begin to act like a serious responsinle rabbinic organization instead of some beer-drinking (kiddush-club) college fraternity. The demotion of Rabbi Herring, whether or not he’s at fault, is hopefully a step in a positive direction.

  5. Concerned – I have news for you. The Yidden were taken out of mitzrayim because the did not change they’re names, not because they were big talmidei chacomim…

  6. Rav Moshe said that the reasons that they were taken out of mitzrayim were good for then. Nowadays we can rely on Torah and Mitzvos.


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