Chaimkeh Released from the Hospital


chaimkeh-smallChaimkeh, the three-year-old boy whose mother has been unfairly accused of starving him, and who became the center of a political and religious storm following his mother’s arrest, has been released from Shiba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer. Relatives of Chaimkeh who picked him up from the hospital will be caring for him until the completion of the legal proceedings against his mother, Yenti.

Members of Toldos Aharon, to which the mother and her family belong, have charged that the staff of Hadassah hospital – where the boy was originally hospitalized – and police were acting recklessly in accusing the mother of wrongdoing. According to Yenti and her supporters, such as Rebbetzin Yocheved Grossman of Yerushalayim, Chaimkeh suffered from multiple sicknesses which prevented him from eating properly.

Doctors charged that it was the mother who caused the boy to fall ill repeatedly through his lack of proper nourishment – despite the fact that the boy had been under the hospital’s care for the last seven months. The hospital claims that a hidden video shows the mother removing a vital IV from her son’s arm as he was confined to a hospital bed and that this was evidence enough to turn to the police. It is not clear what exactly the video demonstrates; it seems that Yenti may have simply been adjusting the tube, not taking it out.

Last week, Yenti was deemed fit for trial, and her next hearing is scheduled for August 4.

The boy, who was admitted to Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in Y3erushalayim weighing a meager 7 kg, was eventually transferred to Shiba Medical Center after the hospital staff received numerous threats, and following continued protests outside the facility. When he was released, the boy was said to weigh over 10 kg.

{Yair Newscenter/JPost}


  1. “unfairly accused”? we don’t know the facts and the Chareidi side asks everyone not to prejudge, you should do the same.

  2. Dan lkaf, did you apply this principle when judging Yenti, her family, neighbors, and fellow chareidim, or is your nonjudgmentalism reserved for secular and modern jews?

  3. From the facts which we do know it has become clearer by the day that she has been scapegoated. Much as Mendel Beilis was in the last century.

  4. Why are people so ful of hate to frum people? I think these people feel “enlightened” or “broad minded” when they can criticize one of their own. I call it “self hating” or “Sinas Chinom”.

  5. The comments so far show no understanding by one side for the other. It is like Henry Louis Gates and the policeman. Maybe Obama can invite both chareidim and regular frum Jews to have a beer and figure out why some of you see nothing good in Hadassah Hospital and others see nothing sick in the “starving mother”. Maybe the truth is somewhere in the mddle and maybe not. But, no one is open minded here.

  6. why don’t posters do their homework. The child was put on meds that is not for children, as per the drug manufacturer’s website. It is also a suspected casue of cancer if someone is on it for 15 months. still wondering why this child was on the onco ward under the care of dr. weintraub who does cancer research???

  7. Since there seems to be a shortage of hard facts here, maybe we should all quit talking and wait for the court case.

    There’s a saying among some scientists: “Talk is cheap. Show me your data [facts].”

    Let’s wait till the facts come out at trial before judging anyone – mother, hospital, whoever.


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