Chaim Deutsch Pledges to Continue a Lifetime Commitment to Brooklyn


city-council-debate-deutschA Brooklyn resident who has devoted more than half his life to public service is looking forward to utilizing his decades of experience as a newly elected city councilman following the general elections being held on Tuesday, November 5th.

Democratic candidate Chaim Deutsch, who plans to succeed Mike Nelson in the 48th District, is no stranger to local residents, having founded the Flatbush Shomrim Safety Patrol over 22 years ago. Launched by Deutsch in 1991 in response to rising crime rates, Deutsch went door to door recruiting volunteers for the FSSP and today the 50 man neighborhood watch group works hand in hand with the NYPD and has played a large part in maintaining safety for area residents.

With a list of accomplishments that belie his years, the 44-year-old father of five is heavily invested in his community, having served on the boards of many local organizations including COJO of Flatbush, Home Sweet Home and Our Place. The son of Holocaust survivors, Deutsch was raised in a culture of volunteerism, and has a soft spot in his heart for senior citizens and their particular needs. As a father of children in local yeshivos, Deutsch understands all too well the massive financial burdens placed on parents who struggle to pay their often overwhelming tuition bills and he plans to use his position in the City Council to help find some means of relief for private school parents.

Deutsch also brings with him seventeen years of experience on the City Council, where he has served as an aide and has dealt with a full array of social services issues. Throughout those years he has had the opportunity to touch hundreds, if not thousands, of lives.

Understanding that problems don’t always arise during business hours, Deutsch has always made it his policy to be available around the clock.

“Services shouldn’t end at 5 PM,” insisted Deutsch. “People always know they can call on me any time a problem arises.”

Deutsch doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk. Before Hurricane Sandy, Deutsch and dozens of volunteers knocked on countless doors in an effort to evacuate residents of flood prone areas. After the superstorm ravaged Brooklyn’s waterfront communities, while the City of New York estimated that it would take weeks before they could begin clearing Brooklyn’s streets, Deutsch was one of many volunteers who was on site clearing trees from local roadways so that emergency vehicles would be able to continue to serving area residents.

Deutsch, who also delivered thousands of meals to storm victims, will continue being actively involved with his constituents’ lives when he is elected to the City Council.

“Being an elected official isn’t about press releases or press conferences,” said Deutsch. “It is about helping people, letting them know you are there for them, all the time. Over the years I have seen how much can be done when you work hard. I plan to visit every city agency to see how calls are received, how the agency responds and make sure that performance is up to par. As an elected official I work for my constituents and I plan to make sure that my district is accounted for and gets the services it deserves to improve people’s lives.”

Chaim Deutsch is a proud father and grandfather and well-known community activist. He is running for the 48th District City Council seat, which includes Brighton Beach, Manhattan Beach, Sheepshead Bay, Homecrest and Midwood.

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