Chai Lifeline Constructs Sukkah at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia


sukkah1Chai Lifeline has arranged for the construction of a Class A fire-retardant sukkah in the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. In accordance with CHOP’s requirements, the sukkah has been custom-made with fire-retardant wood. Located on the third floor of the Seashore House at CHOP, the sukkah is spacious, comfortable, and available to the many frum patients spending Yom Tov in the hospital. The sukkah was made possible through the efforts of Chai Lifeline’s staff and volunteers together with CHOP’s devoted staff.

“Although it is our hope that no families should need to make use of the hospital sukkah ,” says Rabbi Sruli Fried, MSW, director of Chai Lifeline’s New Jersey region, “as long as there are Jewish patients at CHOP, we will be there to ease their burden.”

Additionally, the Chai House (Chai Lifeline’s apartment located near the hospital) has been equipped with food, daled minim, and a sukkah for the families staying there.

{Noam Newscenter}



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