Chacham Ovadiah’s Sons at Shivah to Netanyahu: Cancel Draft of Bochurim


netanyahu-rav-ovadiah-yosefIsraeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu and President Shimon Peres went to be menachem avel the family of Chacham Ovadiah Yosef today in Har Nof.

The prime minister was accompanied by his wife Sarah.

During his nichum aveilim visit, an uncomfortable atmosphere pervaded when Chacham Ovadiah’s sons expressed that their father’s “dying wish” was for the Israeli government to cancel plans to draft chareidi bochurim into the IDF.

Chacham Ovadiah’s sons told Netanyahu that their father was “very hurt” that the premier had not given him “an answer” on the draft plans.

“I lost a son, but this hurt me more,” they quoted Chacham Ovadiah as having said. “Over and over, in his last months,” they said, Chacham Ovadiah returned to the issue and it was his “dying wish” that the plans be annulled.

“Our father was hurt, but his physical pain was less than the pain he experienced due to the government’s attacks on the Torah world,” one of the aveilim said.

“Cancel the decree,” said one son.

Netanyahu told them, “We are trying to unify the people. I am looking for a path to protect the Torah world.”

“Cancel the decree,” one son said again.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Mark the infinite, the reality is not whether Netanyahu cancels the interests in changing Israeli society, the reality is that the wicked and corrupt continue to want to refuse Future dignity for their own “price tag”. NEVER AGAIN.

  2. Netenyahu has no power to end the rightful conscription of Yeshiva bochurim.

    Only the full Knesset can do so.

    And that is highly unlikely, because the overwhelming majority of Israelis are in favor of drafting bochurim and avreichem.

    Yair Lapid is far more popular than Netenyahu. Netenyahu is afraid to bring down the government because he knows that Lapid will be elected the next Prime Minister.


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