Chacham Ovadiah: When Moshiach Comes, Ashkenazim Will Be Noheig Like Sefardim


chacham-ovadiah-yosefDuring his weekly Motzoei Shabbos shiur in Yerushalayim, Chacham Ovadiah Yosef shlit”a, head of Shas’ Moetzes Chachmei Hatorah, discussed various halachos of tekias shofar ahead of the Yom Tov of Rosh Hashanah, and Rav Yosef discussed various distinctions between the minhagim of Sefardim and the minhagim of Ashkenazim.

“Everyone must act in accordance with the custom of his ancestors… Al titosh Torah imechaAilu v’eilu divrei Elokim chaim… However,” said Rav Yosef, “when Moshiach comes, all will follow the minhag of the Sefardim.”

“We cannot decide until Moshiach comes for everyone to do the same. Only Moshiach will do it. He will tell them: What do you say, ‘Burich atu‘? Say, ‘Baruch atah‘!”And when he says it, they won’t be able to disagree. …Avrohom, Yitzchok and Yaakov will arise. What will they say? They were chalabim… They didn’t say, ‘Burich atu.’ They said, ‘Baruch atah.’ You’ll say, ‘Baruch atah,’ and all Ashkenazim will be chozer b’teshuvah.”

Also, during the shiur, Rav Yosef ruled that a man whose children attend a secular school may not daven for the amud during the Yomim Noraim or be motzie others with tekias shofar.

According to Chacham Ovadiah, only an adam hagun, a yirei Elokim, who sends his children to a frum school, may daven for the amud and be motzie others with tekias shofar.

{Yair Israel}


  1. What a Tzadik! He is 100% right! Its about time every community recognizes the truth! We all have to have to follow are customs without a doubt like the Gadol said but please recognize that everyone but Sephardim are mispronouncing everything there saying. According Masechet Avodah Zarah Jews have been living in Morocco since the first churban. The story of Purim happened in Persia modern day Iran, are Gemaras are Talmud ‘Bavli.’ I once spoke to chacham Ovadia and he said ‘Sephardim are blessed becuase we dont have Reform, Conservative and various streams were all under one umbrella’ – Tzadik Gozer Ve’Hakadsh Baruch Hu Mekayem! Amen! – May he live for 120 years!

  2. If the Yeshiva and Day School system does not allow a child into their “elite” system, and a parent is forced to send their child to public school, Why should they be labeled as not an Adam Hagun?? Why is a board member or Menahel who refuses a child a Jewish education called a Hagun and looked up to with respect?? Who is a worse person??

    Rav Ovadiah could not be paskening for Americans on this issue.

  3. To #4 Of coarse he is. Wether a Ashkenaz Jew in Antwerp, New York or Jerusalem its the same thing! The roots of a Jew goes back in time its not relevent to where one lives today!

  4. The Teimini (Yemenites) are the closest stream to the Judaism of the Beis Hamikdash.

    Sefardim are from Spain, not necessarily Morroco.

  5. I guess that there is a machlokes between him and Rabenu Bachya in Parshas Noac who writes against the way the sfardim pronounce their komatz. The Yaavtz in the introduction to his siddur writes that the sfardim are more correct with consonants and the ashkenezim with their vowels. Chacham Ovadio may have been refering to the consonants, although the example given only contains vowels which are pronounced differently. Where the Avos lived must have been said for emphasis only as it is largely irrelevent since the people living in those areas have not been living there since Sancheirev at the very latest and possibly since Moshe Rabbenu. The mention of Morroco is also not a valid proof as the German community can be traced back similarly.

  6. I am not sure how accurate this report is, but it is a joke nevertheless.

    1) Not all Ashkenazim say burich atu, some Hassidic sects do, not all Ashkenazim. So if that is what he was focusing on, it is not right to portray that as typical of all Ashkenazim.

    2) Different Sepharadim have different pronunciations and minhogim too. They are not all the same. Is he saying all will become Halabi? It is known already that not even all Sepharadim agree with Chacham Ovadia, kal vachomer that Ashkenazim differ with him. Moroccans are the largest Sephardic group in Eretz Yisroel and they take issue with R. Ovadia’s pesokim.

    How about if I say the opposite. When Moshiach will come, all will become like Ashkenazim.

    Let us wait and see what happens.

  7. If the Sefardi pronunciation is correct, what do we need a kametz for? If anything, we’ll convert to the Yemenite pronunciation, the only one that has all vowels and sounds, including “J” (??) and “th” (?) and differentiates between ? and ?, kametz and pasach, etc.

  8. To #11 – If Hagaon R’ Ovadia Yosef is saying then 99% he is right. Do you know how much he knows. No neither does anyone reading these posts. So he is known for hasmada, and brilliant head. He read thousadns of books and knows them by memory. So everything he says has a base im sure. Im not saying that because im not Sephardi. But to proove what im saying ‘Once Chacham Ovadia walked into a book store and after 15 – 20 minutes went to the counter and wanted to pay for his books. The teller said lechvod harav were are your books and after questioning him many times and the rabbi wanted to pay for 3 books at a certain price. R’ Ovadia told him he read it and didnt need to use the books anymore and since he read all those books he wanted to pay for them. He was 23 years old at the time! I heard this story from the shamash! – I rest my case! Thank you

  9. Sorry, this is not a new issue and has been dealt with extensively in the poskim. Concensus is that the Sefardi letters may be more original while ashkenazi vowels are more right. Regardless even in yetzias metzraim pronunciations were different in the different Shvatim and they were all yotzai Krias Shema.

    As far as all the other halachos, a blanket statement like this one is definitely not accurate. I don’t know what prompts him to say this kind of thing.

  10. Aren’t Jews who come from Iran,Iraq,Syria,and Egypt all sefardim? Didn’t we all come once out of mitzrayim? Does that mean we are all sefardim?

  11. With the greatest respect, I think when Moshiach comes, everyone will be in for major surprises, both Sefardim and Ashkenazim.

    Most of our customs arose from the latter half of the Bayis (I’m Ashkenaz) Sheini. Whether one likes it or not, the Jewish people were essentially farmers and trade workers (“cottage industry”) and, except for the few, their lives allowed for little time for the quantity and level of study that appears to have developed since, probably, the Geonic period.

    Prayer too was no simple matter (as demonstrated by the need of a Sh’liach Tzibor to repeat tefillah and the inclusion of those who could not attend the prayers) and in order to maintain a unified people, in addition to the Regolim, leining was established on the Mondays and Thursdays (market days) of each week from the outset, with Ezra establishing Shabbos Mincha leining.

    Here is not the place to enumerate the many significant changes and, dare I say, contradictions between T’NaCh, Yerushalmi and Bavli – but there are. Even practices today are not in line with those brought down in Shas and are often erroneously applies to totally unconnected halochos (I base this on the writings of the Geonim – it is not my own).

    So – is there a correct pronounciation of Hebrew (already in Dovid haMelech’s time there were differences) – are we to go back to “basics”, especially if we are going to be able to carry out those Mitzvos explicite in Torah – are we to maintain our current state of Torah practice and even make it ever more complicated?

  12. Imagine if Rav Weiss or any Hasidic Rabbi [especialy a Satmar] would say anything in favor of Chassidic minhagim…

    All above nice Comentators would eat them up alive!!


  13. Litvish minhagim were enacted to allow Jews to live peacefully among goyim while Sefardim lived most of their lives peacefully.
    The livush of Chassidim & Litvush rabbanim were copies of the Christian Neighbors that they lived with…while S kept their mid eastern dress.
    Yiddish will definitely be out-dated, while Ivris, Aramaic and Landiano will become even more popular.

  14. one of the gedolay of the previous generation said,the havara of the ashkenazim is the true havara. the proof is, that the cheelonim speak in the sephardic havara , so i CAN”T be Torah.

  15. Why create sinat chinam in the holy month of Elul.
    And regarding no. 15 -so what?!

    K’siva v’chasima tova to all of k’lall Yisroel!
    Whether Ashkenazi, Sefaradi, Teimani, charedi, mizrachi,…

  16. “Yiddish will definitely be out-dated, while Ivris, Aramaic and Landiano [sic] will become even more popular.”

    Definitely. Because only 100,000 Jews know and love Yiddish while a full minyan know “Landiano”.

    Ashkenazi-hatred knows no bounds. If you were in the majority, I’m afraid you wouldn’t wait for Mashiach. You’d convert us to your minhagim by force. Or you’d try to disenfranchise us completely, like the Sefardim did wherever they had the power to do so.

    BTW, after gerush sfard, klal yisrael was divided equally between Sefardim and Ashkenazim. Now Sefardim are 10% of the Jewish people. Where did 90% of you disappear? Are they hiding somewhere, preserving your mesorah for Mashiach’s time?

  17. I thought that the Lubavitch Rebbe is Mashiach. If so, then are you telling me that the Rebbe was pronouncing his teffilos wrong all his life?! What about Reb Moshe ZT”L?

  18. #27 – No one is hiding. Get your historic facts corrects! Its simple everyone is Sephardic! It makes too much sense! So no one is hiding and baruch hashem we Sephaardim have what to be proud of while others i dont know!

  19. You’re ALL wrong! (when it comes to pronunciation, anyway) And the only people who have it right are Yemini Jews. The Yemini pronounce everything – including the ayin – in the closest thing to the original Hebrew. I have heard real Yemini Hebrew spoken and it is positively beautiful.

    As for minhagim, who cares? Just let Mashiach come already b’mheiro b’yameinu!

  20. I didn’t mean only “YOU”. I meant “YOU” and “ME” and “others” here who, weirdly enough, all write the same ideas, with similar spelling and punctuation mistakes, under various usernames.

  21. To all commenters Kol Yisrael Chaverim – May we live to see Mashiach in our life, and may Chacham Ovadia Yosef live to 120 years, Amen! Shana Tova!

  22. The Ashkenazic mesorah is superior to the Sephardic. That was stated by no less of a gadol than Rabbeinu Asher, known as the Rosh, who appears in the back of the gemaras. And it seems that Sephardim accepted this too, because even the Beis Yosef cited this teshuvoh of the Rosh (The Rosh stated it in a response to a question about eating a certain bird which Sepharadim ate. He maintained that he would not eat it as there was no Ashkenaz mesorah for it being kosher, and said that he held of the Ashkenaz mesorah which was a kabboloh from avos from the time of the churban, and not the Sepharadic).

    With all due respect, Chacham Ovadia is not the Rosh, the towering rishon who is one of the foundations of our halocho.

  23. to #30 and 34
    in # 27 and 26 (slip of the mouse) I did not mention anything about hiding.
    And I don’t know what history was mentioned in my post.
    If one is looking to be judged faborably on the upcoming Rosh Hashana than one should not cause machlokes.
    I will dan os’cha l’chaf zechus that maybe you can’t tell the difference between 27 and 28.
    K’siva v’chasima tova

  24. To #40 – You are extremely disrespectful to a Gaon of our Dor! Im not Sephardic but have some respect! He can eat you out a live when it comes to halacha so spare me and spare Hagaon Chacam Ovadia Yosef!

  25. 1st of all lubavitch says the same thing
    2nd of all someone who supported giving away land (sinai) shouldnt be allowed in a shul period and shouldnt be given any kavod period oh im talking about ovadia yoseph

  26. Hey #43 Machlokes – If it wasnt Rosh Hashanah soon and i would find out who you are! Thenthere would be a war in every sense of the way with me and you! Becareful since you said that then u probably wont live to long!

  27. oh so u support those who give away land then i think it will be u who wont live long either bc g-d will take care of u or the terrorists who now have easier access to israel thanx to those who support. by oslo it would not have gone through even had shas abstained but thanks to them who voted positive jews were killed

    and by the way his son is now chabad

  28. Chacham Ovadia is not the poseik for Ashkenazim. Even many Sepharadim don’t agree with him. Kvodo bimkomo munach, he is a great talmid chacham, but let’s not get carried away here. He is not Moshe Rabbeinu.

  29. Many of the commentaries here have no place, specially in ever Rosh Hashana. Does it really matter who is better Ashkenazim or Sefaradim? of course not, because Israel is Am Echad. Independently of tribes, countries of origin, ashkenzaz X sefarad, we are all one people, one nation, and col Israel arevim ze la ze. So we must pray and help all. And regarding the Chacham Ovadia Yossef, he is truly one the Gedolim of our Generation so it is not up to us to judge or question him…we probably can’t understand 90% of what he says/thinks. R’Akiva Eiger (a giant of Torah), for example, in his commentary of Gemara, when he would not understand or agree with Tosafot (or another Rishon), he would just say I have not the capacity to understand his point. Let’s us use his example.

  30. Hacham Ovadia can say what he wants.
    No one is on his level.
    He is the most well writ Rabbi since Rambam.
    and everyone know that in their hearts- especially the Gedolim.
    Everything he says is because he has backing from previous Rabbis and proofs that go along with it.

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