Chacham Ovadia Yosef Taken To Hospital for Second Time in One Day


chacham-ovadiah-yosefChacham Ovadia Yosef, head of Shas’ Moetzet Chachmei Hatorah, was taken to Hadassah Ein Karem Hospital earlier today and again this evening. 

It was the third time in a week that he was taken to Hadassah, after the great Sefardic gaon and posek complained of an intensifying of the pains he has been suffering from since he tripped in his home two months ago.

Early last week, Chacham Ovadiah was hospitalized, and he was released several days later. This morning he was taken to the hospital for examinations and released several hours later. This evening, he returned to the hospital due to the immense pain he was experiencing.

Chacham Ovadia, one of the most brilliant Torah minds of our day, turned 92 on 11 Tishrei earlier this year. He is a former Sephardi Chief Rabbi of Israel and currently serves as the spiritual leader of the Shas political party in the Knesset.

All are asked to continue davening for Rav Ovadiah ben Georgia l’refuah shleimah.

{ Israel News Bureau}


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