Chabad to Visit East Jerusalem’s Arabs to Do Kiruv


east jerusalem arabsChabad activists are planning to visit East Jerusalem during Chanukah in order to explain to the Palestinian residents the importance of observing the Sheva Mitzvos Bnei Noach.

Chabad has decided to try to solve the terror problem by encouraging non-Jews to observe mitzvos and recently launched a campaign aimed at raising awareness of these laws.

As part of the campaign, Chabad members are asking Jerusalem’s Arab minority to observe the Mitzvos Bnei Noach, including the prohibitions against eating a live animal, murder, stealing, denying G-d, and morality.

The campaign kicked off with an event held on Yerushalayim’s King George Street in the presence of Deputy for Regional Cooperation Ayoob Kara, who promised to help advance the campaign.

The campaign’s initiator, Boaz Kali, said 100,000 billboard signs would be printed with a picture of the Lubavitcher Rebbe alongside the word “messiah” in Arabic and quotes from letters calling for world peace by observing mitzvos. Hundreds of ads have already been distributed near Arab neighborhoods and construction sites.

“This is a religious war, so it requires a religious response, and the Seven Laws of Noah are the basis,” says Kali. “We have reached an agreement with a company specializing in billboards in Arab villages and cities. They have 1,400 billboards in the entire Arab sector, and we have already bought 20 of them.”

One of the city’s Arab sheikhs says he has no problem with the Chabad activity, as long as it is done in a pleasant manner, as the promoted mitzvos match Islamic customs, but in the current security situation he sees it as a bad idea.

“It depends on which areas they plan to visit, but in any event I would strongly advise them not to go into the neighborhoods,” the sheikh explained.

“The basic commandments of all religions come from the same place. They are acceptable to everyone and talk about each person’s moral behavior. It’s okay to come and explain about the mitzvot, as long as they are not forcing anyone to do anything against his will.”


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  1. this doesn’t seem to be organized by mainstream Chabad, but rather by the breakaway messianic group.
    Hard to believe that even they would attempt this project in the current situation, this is probably the work of some individual extremist…

  2. Boy! They are really off the wall! This is “yehoreg alav” to publicize that the Rebbe is Moshiach in Arabic?!!!
    Echoes of X-ianity. They should be put into CHEREM!!!

  3. What a waste of money when it could be used for Torah institutions, but when it comes to promoting the meshichistim never miss an opportunity.

  4. Fake cynicism.

    Torah is not a slinky.
    they are going with community control as their banner and fame. Nagging messiah declarations. Meaningless fractured sanity.

    Fishing for beginnings. Very nagging.

    Noachidism can be o.k. Deism is better.

    Like their humor that arabs will be so blessed. Worry about their world preponderance.

    Jews do not prosletize non-jews to find a religion. That is not taught in Torah.

    This is a shonda.

  5. the worst thing to do is hang a picture of the lubavicher rebbe in there sight all day. eisav sonei yakov. this staring them in the face will just give them more reason to harm us.

  6. The fact that there sign says messiah already makes their actions questionable. I don’t recall the Rebbe ztl sending chabad chasidim into Arab villages in harm’s way. Yes he sent chasidim to the front lines during the wars to put on tfilin with soldiers . The problem with mishiachistim is they have reinvented chabad according to their warped ideas. The same way the Rebbe did not condone messianic ferver calling him messiah he didn’t send his chasidim to Arab villages. Just to clarify I don’t mean unfortunately after the stroke when the messianic group point to the Rebbe ztl shaking his head that requires a neurologist to explain it

  7. We need them to promote moshiach?! This will solve our problems and bring the geulah. Makes as much sense as getting the Arabs to observe sheva mitzvos. Just wheen you think you’ve heard it all…

  8. They might even meet with some success regarding the Arab acceptance of Sheva mithvohs, accept of course with 3 mitzvohs: Genayvah, Retzhcha and Neeyuf., Otherwise , four out of seven ain’t too bad, right?

  9. Would have been a great idea, until mashichists stamped the word messiah in Arabic. Now instead of doing holy work, they create a mockery.


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