Chabad Shul In Brooklyn Vandalized Over Shabbos


A large plate glass window was shattered in the front of a Chabad shul in Brooklyn as a family sat around their Shabbos table.

The window was smashed on Friday night. The Chabad rabbi, Menachem Heller, his wife, and nine children were in the Chabad of Bushwick at the time of the attack. The family stays in the building over Shabbos.

Police investigated 42 hate crimes through Feb. 4, compared with 19 at the same date last year. Most of those were anti-Semitic hate crimes, according to NBC NY.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. Im not sure exactly what happened here why or how…. But i am in that neighborhood often day and night time, I work in the area and pass by every day… I know there are many bars there in the area… just assuming that just perhaps there was a person drunk (as i do see from time to time there at certain hours) and fell/crashed into the window / store front. Again this is just a wild (no pun intended) assumption of mine..

    I understand all of us are on edge when something happens to a jewish org. and justifiably so. but i personally dont think it was a hate crime.. maybe im wrong


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