Chabad Rep in Ecuador Released After Cops Catch Kidnappers


rabbi-tomer-rotemThe Chabad representative in Ecuador, Rabbi Tomer Rotem, was recently kidnapped and released after four days in captivity. The story was authorized for publication tonight.

He was kidnapped by unknown assailants several weeks ago. The reasons for his kidnapping were unclear, and he was released four days later just as suddenly.

Rabbi Rotem is well known to Israeli travelers in the South American country, and his Chabad House is usually very active. Last week, he disappeared suddenly, to the consternation of friends and relatives.

The next day a demand for ransom was received at the Chabad House. Rabbi Rotem’s wife informed the police and top Chabad officials, as well as Israel’s Foreign Ministry, which stressed that the matter was criminal, and not connected to terrorism.

Rabbi Rotem was released last Motzoei Shabbos. Police had been able to track down the kidnappers and they were arrested, Chabad said in a statement. The incident was kept under wraps throughout the last week as police continued to search for members of the gang.

{Arutz Sheva/ Newscenter}


  1. Several weeks ago? Last week? reasons are unclear? demand for ransom? huh? Could you please get your story straight? IT IS FULL OF CONTRADICTIONS!!!

  2. Get your facts straight, Last week this week three weeks ago, who writes these articles. Come on a little seichel and a bit of editing would help. Poor journalism. It is an insult to your readers.


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