Central Park Now Offering Yiddish Classes – For Your Dog


Want to teach your dog Yiddish? There’s a Central Park class for that.

Sponsored by the Workmen’s Circle, the Jewish cultural society founded in 1900 by Yiddish-speaking immigrants, the workshop is a chance for dog owners to learn a little Yiddish while schmoozing with fellow pet owners.





Ann Toback, the executive director of the Workmen’s Circle, said there are a few  advantages to speaking to dogs in Yiddish.

Using a language different than the one the dog hears in everyday speech makes the command more effective, said Toback, who came up with the idea for the course and offered it for the first time last year.

Toback also says the class is an opportunity for many dog owners to connect to their heritage.

“Too much we forget the thousand years of high culture because of the tragedy of how Yiddish ended in Eastern Europe,” she said, “but reconnecting to that, reconnecting to our heritage, to our hearts, is really part of this.”

Read more at Times of Israel.



  1. Is that before or after the Bark Mitzvah? 🙂

    The sad thing is, the dogs may be receiving more Yiddishkeit than their owners! 🙁

  2. Many yiddish speaking people are religious Jews who also have dogs. Will this organization provide the dogs with kipas and tzitzis to make him fit into their adopted families comfortably?

  3. Is it held on the day of their Yom Kippur parade and picnic, their ancient custom of connecting with their heritage? Will the dogs be able to understand their rebbe Marks in ID-ish? Seems disrespectful to our allies in Egypt.

  4. Why are you reporting what that wicked group is doing? The Workmans Circle is responsible for thousands of Yidden leaving their rich heritage at the turn of the Century. They facilitated thousands going off the derech. They are Rashaim arurim.


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