Ceasefire Reached Between Israel And Hamas

Hamas spokesperson Fawzi Barhoum declares that Egypt has succeeded to broker a ceasefire between Hamas and the Israeli occupation.
Barhoum says the ceasefire agreement reached and that calm will be restored at 10 pm.Israeli media reporting agreement as well, though nothing official has come from the IDF or the Prime Minister’s Office.
The ceasefire would end a day of rocket attacks and airstrikes between the two territories.
{Matzav.com Israel News}


  1. ENOUGH OF THIS STUPIDITY!!! NO!!!! YOU CANT SHOOT US AND THEN CRY FOR A CEASE FIRE!!! Too bad that you’re not ready for a full scale war!! Blow their heads off!!!

  2. What kind of a deterrent is it , if after every terrorist attack they cry “foul” and the FOOLISH Israelis with BIBI at its helm CONTINUOUSLY accepts their cowardice and agree to a FAKE ceasefire???? Time for Israel to TOTALLY Eradicate Hamas and take over Gush Katif which Sharon sacrificed for his FAKE BELIEFS that somehow the palestinians will be contempt and live peacefully with this gift from Israel!!!
    Bibi – STOP living in “fantasy dreamland” and do what has to be done to stop these continuous never-ending attacks on the Jewish State!!!!!


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