CDC: All Hospitals Should ‘Think Ebola’


doctor-hospitalThe CDC urged all hospitals throughout the country to “think Ebola” and be prepared to detect the highly contagious virus. Director Tom Frieden said in a press conference today that hospitals should be on the lookout for fever and other symptoms of the virus in any patient who traveled to one of three Ebola-stricken African countries in the past 21 days.

Frieden also identified Nina Pham, 26, as the Dallas nurse with the second American case of Ebola. He said Pham is in isolation, but is “clinically stable.”

Frieden also warned that there may be other Ebola cases among those who treated Thomas Eric Duncan, the patient with the first U.S. case of Ebola who died last week.

“It is possible that workers will contaminate themselves” in taking off their protective gear, said Frieden. Sunday’s announcement that one of Duncan’s caretakers contracted Ebola raises questions about the safety of health-care workersRead more at AP.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. they should use robots to take care of the infected humans
    they should isolate all people arriving from these countries for 21 days to make sure we don’t have a spread of this virus here
    Obama does not care


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