CAUGHT: Man On State Police Most Wanted List Caught in West Gate in Lakewood


A man wanted for three years by Northampton and Massachusetts State police was apprehended this afternoon in Lakewood, New Jersey.

Jeanette DeForge reports at that an arrest warrant for Stephen C. Cote, 47, was issued in November 2015. The warrant was issued after local, state and federal investigators developed evidence he was in possession of illegal material, Massachusetts State Police said.

He was never apprehended and was running ever since, police said. In June, Cote was added to the Massachusetts State Police Most Wanted Fugitives list. At the time police said he had ties to Northampton, Springfield, Westfield, Southbridge, New Bedford, Woodstock, Conn. and as far south as Louisiana.

Recently, U.S. Marshals and the Massachusetts State Police Violent Fugitive Apprehension Section learned Cote may be in New Jersey. During an investigation, officials found a description of a vehicle he may be driving and his potential location and forwarded it to the New York and New Jersey Regional Fugitive Task Force, police said.

Task Force officers set up surveillance in the West Gate neighborhood – a mainly frum complex of hundreds of homes, several shuls and a large shopping center – on the west side of Lakewood. After several hours Cote drove into the complex and parked. He was apprehended as he exited his car, police said. He will be held without bail until his arraignment in federal court soon, police said.


  1. What’s the big deal. You have a killer who murdered yankel Rosenbaum in the 1991 crown heights pogrom living free in New Jersey. I guess because he is black it’s ok. This guy never killed anyone.

  2. “Task Force officers set up surveillance in the West Gate neighborhood”
    What made law enforcement set up surveillance in West Gate? Had he been spotted there?

  3. Too many West Gate residents have a false sense of security and therefore, have no compunctions about sending their young children shopping or letting them wander all over the development by themselves. Perhaps this incident will serve as a wake-up call and open their eyes to the dangers of their complacency.

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