Cartoon: If Your Child Got Measles….



  1. If your child got measles blame everyone, like Hillary. But if your child suddenly turned into a zomby after getting a vaccination don’t tell anyone.

  2. Interesting. The characters in the comic are not chareidim from Monsey, Williamsburg, or Lakewood. Is it possible this is not the Jewish issue everyone is making it out to be? Is it possible the general population, who likely have an equal percentage of their population as anti-vaxxers, are experiencing the same uptick in measles cases during this current, cyclical outbreak as we are (even though they did not travel to Israel on El Al?

  3. problem is they do tell, but no one believes them. They just say it is a co-incidence!! The vaccines are infallible. (even though they all show the side effects in the insert, and the vaccine court has given out billions of dollars in compensation, and the supreme court has even ruled that vaccines are unavoidably unsafe)


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