Carter Says He Regrets Doing Away With ‘Hail To The Chief’ During His Presidency


Former President Jimmy Carter in a new interview said he regrets putting an end to playing “Hail to the Chief” whenever the president enters the room.

“I went too far in — because I did — I did away with all the ruffles and flourishes and that sort of thing for a little while. But it was so unpopular with the American public — because they wanted to show reverence to the president that I undid it,” Carter told MSNBC’s Chris Matthews in a new interview on Sunday.

The conversation with Carter, 94, is part of an MSNBC special, “Headliners,” featuring Carter, who is the oldest living ex-U.S. president.

Read more at The Hill.



  1. Thats wonderful.

    Hashem let him live to the age he is just for that. Helpful. Will he make another year to tell us he was an antisemite? Curious. L-rd bless.

  2. Nonstarter Carter

    Fail to the chief, the one who left our land in shambles
    Attacked by a mad bunny during his countryside rambles
    The worst president in the history of our nation
    Thanks to Jimmy we all learned the word: “Stagflation”
    From the Ayatollahs with abuse we were showered
    Still, fighting back wasn’t permitted by that coward
    B”H after four years he was sent back to peanut farming
    At long, long last the U.S.A. he wasn’t harming


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