Captured Hamas Fighter Reveals New Terror Plans From Gaza


An IDF soldier overlooking an uncovered Hamas terror tunnel in the Gaza Strip during Operation Protective Edge last July. Credit: Israel Defense Forces.A captured Hamas fighter has revealed a trove of intelligence information on the Palestinian terrorist group that includes plans for new terror tunnels and attacks.

The Hamas fighter, 21-year-old Ibrahim Adal Shahada Sha’ar of Gaza, was arrested last month by Israeli police at the Erez crossing as he attempted to enter Israel for “personal or humanitarian reasons.” Sha’ar served in the terror group’s logistics division during the Israel-Hamas war last summer and was already known to Israel’s Shin Bet security agency.

According to the Shin Bet, Sha’ar discussed plans by Hamas to use tunnels to carry out terror attacks as well as Hamas’s relationship with Iran, the Jerusalem Post reported. Additionally, he gave up details about Hamas’s battlefield strategy, the composition of its elite units, and its anti-aircraft and surveillance capabilities.

Sha’ar had allegedly been working on tunnel construction in recent months, learning of a new tunnel heading for the Kerem Shalom crossing along the Israeli border. He revealed to the Shin Bet other digging sites, tunnel openings, and routes of tunnels currently under construction. Additionally, Sha’ar said the new road built by Hamas along the border fence was installed to carry out surprise attacks using vehicles that would speed over the border into Israel.


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