Cantor: President Obama Inciting Class Warfare


eric-cantorRepublican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor slammed Barack Obama today in an op-ed criticizing the president as “anti-business, hyper-regulatory [and] pro-tax” and “fueled by efforts to incite class warfare.”

Cantor’s op-ed, which appeared in The Washington Post, reiterated many of the Republican Party’s ongoing criticisms of the president, but outlined specific attacks on new Environmental Protection Agency regulations on ozone, new standards on the composition of cement and the president’s silence on the National Labor Relations Board’s decision to file a complaint against Boeing regarding its labor practices.

Cantor also slammed Obama for being “fueled by efforts to incite class warfare,” arguing that this is illustrated by Obama’s desire to raise taxes on individuals making over $200,000 per year and small businesses earning more than $250,00 a year.

Cantor argued that the president was driving a wedge between those making more than $200,000 a year and the rest of America, that though he talks of only millionaires having to pay their “fair share,” the president “insist[s] on higher taxes” because he is ideologically driven to “permanently increase the size of government.”

The Virginia Republican continued by accusing the president of being obstructionist and inflexible, writing that although Obama agrees with the unsustainability of entitlement program spending, he is unwilling to make structural changes to Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security – even if Republicans were to agree to raise taxes.

Further, Cantor said the president has been unwilling to deal with Republicans on balancing the budget, suggesting that “we have found President Obama to be an unwilling partner when it comes to getting America’s fiscal house in order. Since taking office, he has added trillions to the debt, ignored the recommendations of his own fiscal commission and put forth a budget that failed to address the drivers of our debt.”

Cantor pledged that the Republican Party would pursue a legislative agenda that reduces “the regulatory and tax burden” by overturning EPA regulations and restraining the NLRB starting this fall.

{Politico/ Newscenter}


  1. Class warfare is making sure that the underserved proportions of our population can live and get some sort of medical care while those who have plenty can sit and sip their martinis while the entire universe is handed to them on a silver platter? Just curious. Those who earn say over 1Million a year have enough to afford health services, lifestyle, housing, transportation, vacation, education, much entertainment and many other frills all year long. What about the person on disability or the person who has retired with little pension? Where is the justice in a millionaire sitting around being taxed less than 30% due to tax breaks and the like while Americans wonder where they will be tomorrow? Cantor is a petty strangler of the weak and the sick.

  2. How does a kosher site like this attract such strident Liberals as cohen with a lower case c and beethoven’s friend?

    cohen’s statement is simply ridiculous and outright slander.

    beethoven’s friend has ideas about society that violate Torah standards and he presents lies and distortions to advocate his point of view.

    Where did he get the notion that you can just steal people’s money just because they are more wealthy than you and dispose of it as you please. Additionally, his misplaced mercy will destroy society and impoverish everyone.

    The halacha is that one who gives to charity should not give more that 1/5 of their funds. This is so that they should not become impoverished themselves. The liberals have no worry about this because America is a goose that laid the golden egg and you can plunder it to support Unions and other money wasting organizations to keep your friends in power.

    The unconstitutional health care disaster known as Obamacare will destroy the wonderful health care system that we have and deny decent healthcare to everyone in America.

    They want people to wait months for a crucial exam like they have to in Canada and England rather than getting life saving treatment in time so that illegal aliens can get treatment off our backs.

    The Obamacare apocalypse will throw America further into debt and benefit no one. The liberal trick is to fool people by drawing on their merciful emotions without paying attention to the damage that they are doing.

  3. how about the 49% of america that don’t have to pay taxes?
    i file every year and make back almost $8000. who do you think pays for that?

  4. Class warfare is already here. It’s the rich against the rest of us. Corporations, big banks and brokerage houses get breaks, and the little guy is going to the wall. Read the article above about working people having to go on food stamps so they can feed their kids.

    Mr. Cantor’s dad has lots of money, and the only non-political job his son has ever had is working for Papa. Maybe he needs a little education in what the real world is all about. Or, pehaps, he knows but the lobbyists paying for his elections tell him to say otherwise. As Mark Twain said a long time ago, “We have the best Congress money can buy.”

    Editor: That’s a real and famous quote from Mark Twain. Google it if you’re in doubt.

  5. to Tzoorba:
    Being a G-d fearing Jew, I see no other way than to keep your communities strong and be a liberal minded American. Perhaps you have a different version of Torah than the one that Moses gave us at Sinai. Good luck with your insensitivity to todays younger Jewish children.

  6. Tzoorba

    Actually very conservative (hint:In Britain,Canada and most of the west ,Business has usually aligned with the liberal-left parties.

    Beethoven’s friend
    The Torah is very SOCIALLY conservative for you and everyone else

  7. To Cohen:
    Socially conservative for the Jewish people. To say that we must keep all of our laws on the rest of the world is not the intent of G-ds laws. But that said, I agree that our place is to follow all of our laws.
    But the liberal processes of society I see as supported by Torah. This is not what I see as permissive. Permissive would be to disavow the kosher laws and such. But to be liberal in allowing freedoms and rights in our common communities. And thus I believe Torah is bringing these changes to our nations.

  8. read “the shadow government” – it will open everyones eyes as to what and how obama/soros want to transform the usa. 2012 is coming up, read it before you vote !

  9. There are two meaning for “liberal” in the US today. One is the social aspect people tend to think of first – supporting freedom for the individual and individual behavior 9unfortunately sometimes carried what Torah Jews consider “too far”).

    The second definition is associated with social support for those with less or no money, and the creation of a “safety net” with such things as food stamps, minium wage laws, and rent support. (Note well: Social Security and Medicare are not “entitlements” – they are paid for with taxes we have been paying all our working lives. If you cut my Social Security and Medicare, you’re stealing my hard-earned money from years past.)

    Like many Jews, I’m socially a Conservative on most issues. Economically I’m liberal. After all, the Torah commands that we give tzedakah and support the poor, even the poor of “the nations.” Check out pe’ah, maaser oni and the other mitzvos d’oraisah. If you check halacha l’maasah for our own era, you see that tzedakah is required even if one has doubts about the authenticity of the one asking. And of course if the needy person is a child there is no question of “deserving” or not. You don’t think this is important? Read your Navi, and see what happens to us when the poor are oppressed.


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