Cantor: Obama’s Promise To Visit Israel In His Second Term Comes Four Years Too Late


eric-cantorBy Eric Cantor

President Obama’s promise to visit Israel in his second term comes four years too late, and is emblematic of the lack of close coordination with Israel Candidate Obama led us to expect in 2008.

It also does not make up for the many shortcomings of his Middle East policy, ranging from the fact that Iran continues to race forward with its nuclear weapons program to his administration’s haplessness in the face of Syria’s support of terrorism, threats to use weapons of mass destruction and support of instability in the region.

Our relationship with Israel should be a priority, not a distraction.

President Obama has found time to visit dozens of other nations – including some near to Israel in the Middle East – and his treatment of our closest ally in the region has been profoundly disappointing.

Eric Cantor is a Congressman from Virginia and the Majority Leader for the U.S. House of Representatives.

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  1. Lol! who wants to guess during which term Bush, the President who had the “closest relationship with Israel” visited Israel.
    why do we have such short memories its embarrassing, first I hear bush never called for return to 67′ borders (he did as did every president since 67′) Now this i thought we were smart why do we allow ourselves to be pandered to by morons like hannity and Limbaugh. Oppose Obama all you want but for real things please, not for doing the same as his predecessor, if you were ok with it then you should be ok with now. Inconsistency is expected of Hannity and Limbaugh who need to fill several hours every day complaining about the President, obviously most of it wont make sense.

  2. About time someone says the truth without fear of being pollitically incorrect. Obama claims he is a friend of Israel. My goodness with such friends who needs enemies

  3. We didnt hear a word from Canotr or any Republican about Bush when Bush had the US vote for 2 security council resolutions forcing Israel to not defend itself against the terrorists in 2002

  4. We understand beethoven’s friend cannot play Beet Hoven in the nine days, so he waxes poetic about Obama. FYI, Obama is the worst president America had for both the US and Israel since the days of Carter.

  5. Dear Obama supporters,

    Please say “Omar Rabbi Binyomin…” prayer for lost objects.

    You may find some brains so that you won’t vote for this prez once again.

  6. Dear Amerikaner,
    When we run for office in Indonesia, we will send you a telegram in Communist China congratulating you upon your appointment to the heretical society of communist chinese life. You will certainly be welcomed there for your pessimistic and petulant views. Cheers.


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